Feeling a bit flat and crap so a quick update

Potty training Ben
Ben managed to get poo on his bedroom floor on Saturday morning, as there was nothing in his nappy and a large poo on the floor I think he pulled his nappy to one side, got out of bed and decided to see what would happen. Hubby was furiously cleaning the carpet while I dunked Ben in the bath. We wondered if potty training should start but Ben was quite scared and we’ve backed off. I’m leaving the potty downstairs for him to get used to it – sadly he thinks it is a mixing bowl throws his toys in there, stirs them around and says yum yum. Some way to go there I think.

Terrible Two’s
Lots of screaming, I know you are supposed to ignore them but after 20 – 30 minutes of terrified sounding screams you have to do something and give them a hug right?

Greedy baby
Ciaran is still feeding a lot. I am knackered and spend most of the day attached to a two month old baby.

They are both still sleeping through from bedtime to 6-6.30am. Ciaran is a bugger to settle, sometimes he goes down nicely just before 9, other nights I have to feed him until 10 to settle him down.


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