2nd birthday and heatwave survival

My baby is no longer a baby, I now have to pay for Ben to fly and must accept he is a big boy (sob). His second birthday went well (no major diplomatic incidents this year), he loved the attention, presents and unhealthy food. Big sucesses were:

  • Screaming ballons – you blow them up, release them and they fly around the room screaming, followed by a toddler screaming with excitement (the downside is that you have to keep doing this until every adult has completely run out of breath, even the heavily pregnant one!)
  • Bubble machine – again screams of excitement that sounded like Ben was so excited he was almost in pain.
  • Whistle and Go Thomas the Tank – blow a whistle to make it stop and start, two whistles to spin around. It also responds to the screams of a child and parent.

He had a lovely time and made the hard work seem worthwhile. I didnt make his cake as on Friday morning we had an accident (Ben ran across Ciaran, Ciaran cried, I shouted and cried, Ben cried and my Mum came round to look after us all; I had to take Ciaran to the nurse to check he was OK, push my beautician and hairdressers appointments back and generally lose the day). however, the ever obliging Mr Tesco’s was happy to provide a chocolate cake which my husband was particularly impressed with.

The other thing we have been doing – like the rest of the country is trying not to melt. The mini ice lolly selection pack I got for Ben has been a big sucess (hubby re-discovered mini Magnums, I re-discovered Twisters, Ben decided he likes Cornetto’s, Magnums and anything chocolaty).

The other strange sucess was the two tubs of Tesco’s icecream (it was an offer, get 2 tubs for something or other), I selected low fat greek yoghurt and fruit for Ben and I and Tiramisu for hubby. When I offered Ben a bowl of ice-cream he pointed to the tiramisu one and insisted on having it (I explained that the other had strawberries but he was pretty determined), I dished up a bowl (its too hot to argue about whether a toddler can have a coffee and alcohol flavoured dessert) expecting to eat it myself after the first mouthful but he loved it. So there you go – baby led weaning exposes them to proper adult tasting food rather than bland mush but even I didnt think he would prefer tiramisu to fruit.

A bone of contention is my decision to keep both boys in during the day. Its too hot for Ciaran outside and Ben would burn quickly even covered in factor 50. When hubby has got home the last two evenings he has taken Ben into the garden for a lolly – even I draw the line at lolly in the house – or a dunk in the paddling pool. Ben would happily live in the garden and keeps asking me for his bike and ball. I’ve drawn the curtains in the lounge all day to keep the sun out and opened windows at both ends in hope of a through draft.

Ciaran’s preferred method of coping with the heat is to spend the day plastered to my boobs. Breastfeeding on demand is stopping him getting dehydrated but giving me a sore back and sticky sweaty body. Ben isn’t too keen on me sitting on the sofa for ages either so occasioanally I detatch Ciaran and try to ignore the angry screams, he actually sleeps while attached giving the occasional suck in his sleep. Any hope of a schedule disappeared, over the weekend but now that he is adjusting to the heat I have actually managed to get him to go to sleep twice today (OK one of the times was in the car but he is currently lying down bathed, dried and fed in his moses basket).

My Mum isn’t too impressed with my get well soon present for my Dad. A month ago he was admitted to hospital with pancreatitis and gall stones. He’s lost over a stone (he cant eat the food he likes anymore) which is good as he carries it all around his tummy which is a dangerous pre-cursor to lots of illnesses) but was told he could go back to eating normally once his gall bladder was removed (maybe the nice consultant didn’t realise what his diet was like). Mum wa hoping that a month of absistence would have cured his cravings for chocolate and curry so my gift from the boys of a hotel chocolat cool down pack (fruity chocolates) is the sort of thing she wanted to avoid – my Dad however told me he couldnt wait to eat nice food again over my Mum’s flour free orange cake she baked just for him to eat at Ben’s birthday party (no choccie cake for Dad). He had his surgery today and has been told that if he wants to stay in his air conditioned BUPA room he can, or he can go home tonight.

We are all gobbling fruit at our house so I’ve ordered extra strawberries, cherries and watermelon to come with the organic box on Friday – they’ll go straight in the fridge unless Ben sees them first. All in all I am looking forward to it cooling down on Friday – it wont take long for me to start moaning about the poor weather again but I am one hot frazzled mummy signing out.


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