Poor sore babies

Operation Big Boy Bed was a complete sucess. On the first night of sleeping in his bed Ben did manage to roll off the edge, but since then he has learned a valuable lesson – don’t roll off your bed in the middle of the night and we haven’t had a problem. He is now realising that he can get himself out of bed (and his room) so we have to cuddle him until he is really sleepy to prevent a shout of “No Mamma” and the thump of tiny feet tearing around his new room.

The only problem is that the headboard attached to the bed has wooden slats and Ben has an endearing habit of launching himself face first at things which led to a beautiful black eye coming up last Thursday morning. To add to the misery that night when his Daddy gave him his puffer he wriggled and slid off the bed, catching his back on the corner of the bed frame scratching the skin through a T-Shirt and decided to see what happens if you wriggle your arm behind a radiator (it gets stuck and you get a bruise). All this experimentation is hard work.

Ciaran had to have his 8 week injections today – poor baby. I had to wait in the waiting room for 10 minutes after the injection and I gave him a quick breast feed to settle him down again. Get me – breastfeeding in front of all the old biddies. We’re now getting ready for Ben’s birthday party the planned catering is

  • Chilli-con-Carne – made by Chris soon hopefully!
  • Sandwiches (Cheese and Tom, Cheese and Pickle, Ham and Mustard, Tuna and Sweetcorn etc..) made by me
  • Hot bread – partly made by Costco – but lovingly finished by me.
  • Salad – made by me
  • Birthday cake – made by me
  • Sausages and rolls – courtesy of my Mum and Dad
  • Chocolate fingers, crisps etc… kindly provided by Mr Tesco’s

I’ve been explaining to Ciaran that this is Ben’s weekend and not his but I don’t know how much he understood.

As if life with two under two and catering for a birthday wasn’t stressful enough my Brother in law and his partner are staying for not one but two nights – hurrah – more cooking for me during a hot sticky weekend when I have enough to do and as we have guests I can’t slob around in my undies (well I could but I don’t know if my in-lawws want to know me that well!).


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