To rail or not to rail?

Ahh – we recieved the bed and bedside table yesterday (and single handedly dragged a mattress up the stairs and into the bedroom and thumped my hand between the box of bits for the table and the stair gate) we are nearly ready. Hubby built the bed this morning before going to work and will build the table this evening when he gets home, he has also moved his guitar out of the corner of the room and dragged the arm chair from the nursery to the bedroom. All good progress.

Being a concerned parent there were two last must have items for me to get
Curtains with blackout or good thick lining
Guard rails to stop Ben rolling off the bed in his sleep.

To make this easier I got my Mum to take Ben and I took Ciaran to Bedford to the wonders of Dunelm and Argos. At Dunelm I was swayed by the prices to buy blackout linings that promise to be really easy to attach to the existing (see through) blue curtains in the room – £19.99 is a lot cheaper than £50-60 quid (we have 90 inch windows so need the huige curtains). At Argos I bought 2 bed rails (hubby wants the bed with the headboard against the wall but with space on either side), ran to Boots to get a lunch (meal deal + little treats like extra choc and crisps!) and came back home.

I dragged one of the large boxes inside and saw the great words on the back – not suitable for slatted bed bases – bugger. We have slats. Crisis chat with hubby about whether a sheet of plywood would be strong enough and whether this would be dangerous for Ben and hubby pointed out that he never had bed rails and I never had bed rails. The bed isn’t that high up and surely Ben is old enough not to fall out. End of the matter we are taking the rails back to Argos and Ben will have to learn not to fall out of bed. I would prefer to push the bed so one side is against the wall but this would block off two plug sockets and would leave his head next to the radiator so it might not be a go-er.

We live and learn – I’m off use the mattress, duvet and pillow protectors and make my big boys bed for the very first time and then its off to the surgery for our 6 week check!


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