A typical to-do list

In case I ever forget how busy life with two under two is here is todays to-do list (in addition to normal playing, changing and feeding).

  • Cut Ciaran’s finger nails – I am sick of having him gouge chunks out of my boobs when he gets fractious in the evening.
  • Wash and sterilise the bottles, breast pump etc…
  • Express – aiming for 31/2 – 4oz a day.
  • Give Ciaran a bath and wash his hair.
  • Put away all clean (but sadly un-ironed clothes).
  • Put on kiddie clothes wash.
  • Put on adult clothes wash.
  • Put on muslin wash.
  • Chase hubby to get all of the stuff out that we need for the tax credit people.
  • Write letter to the tax credit people.
  • Sort out DIY tools and heavy items in spare bedroom – if I can put them all in a neat heap maybe hubby will permanently re-home them in the shed ( I dont like going in there – too cold, damp and spider infested!).
  • Find new home for baby bath (currently stored in spare bedroom)
  • Put away Ben’s old baby clothes for Ciaran to use.
  • Look through books that are stuck behind heavy DIY stuff – work out what can go to charity and what needs to be kept.
  • Sort through Ben’s toys – what can be kept / thrown / put in the loft or given away.
  • Try to do 1/2 hour wii fit exercising (I am desperate to tone up my soft bits).
  • Knit a couple of squares of Ciaran’s baby blanket – only 30 odd still to go!

Needless to say I doubt I’ll manage everything but if I can get over half way down the list I’ll be happy.

Ciaran was difficult last night, not wanting to settle down at bedtime (well admittedly I had stupidly let him sleep all day as it made my life with Ben easier!) and then grumbling in his sleep and grunting after his 4am feed. Hubby wasn’t impressed as he can no longer run to the spare bed for a good nights peaceful sleep as we dumped the spare bed.

Ben still eats huge amounts very nicely, yesterday’s lunch was baked sweet potato and bolognase, today we are having left over cottage pie (Hubby is threatening to drive home for lunch in which case I’ll have a salad and let him have my cottage pie). The spare bedroom still looks like a bomb site rather than a little boy’s bedroom but hopefully things will start to move along.


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