More Preparations for Operation Big Boy Bed

Hubby had checked the Argos website, agreed to a single wooden bed with mattress and under bed drawer and he said it was available to pick up in store. I found a nice, reasonably priced bedside table at Argos and we were away! Until I tried to reserve it online and found that all beds are home delivery only – Doh! Naturally Hubby can’t be wrong and they must have changed it. Anyway a bed and small bedside table are on their way – due to arrive this Wednesday.

On Sunday my Dad came to help Hubby dump the ancient double bed and mattress from the spare bedroom (it really is ancient, older than me!), we have filled two bin bags with clothes to send to the charity shop (the spare bedroom had been used for storage of all sorts) and Daddy reckons he knows where he will put the heavy items like his toolkit and drill. Despite the fact that we have bust our butts the room looks a tip – there is stuff all over the floor to be re-homed (ladder to get into the loft, a box of my old CD’s and the other crap that you dump in a room and forget about). My to-do list has a few jobs on it in that room but as it is already 3pm and I am knackered I dont think I’ll get much done.

I have been good today – I have completed Ciaran’s child benefit claim and finished updating the tax credit robots, I’d already managed to tell them about Ciaran’s existence and that Ben now only goes to Nursery once a week – today I put together our P60’s (the council forgot about mine until June – ta!) and estimated my income from the consultancy and called them to say it was over the estimate they had on the form. Despite the fact that the form has a very broad range for income (is your income above 20K but below 50K etc….) I needed to give them an exact figure, my rounded to the nearest K wasn’t good enough and then they wanted me to break it down for each person and job to the bloody penny!

Gritting my teeth I gave them all the figures and my estimate for 2009-10, then we hit a strange snag – are either of you in a salary sacrifice scheme? Hubby uses Busy Bee vouchers (I didn’t join as I was pregnant and it would affect my SMP and OMP) there was a long pause as the robot asked if the figure for his income was before or after the deduction – I explained that his P60 didn’t say and quoted various bits of P60 to her. I was put on hold and then told that I need to write to the tax credit people enclosing

  • Hubby’s original contract of employment.
  • Hubby’s variation to contract – doesn’t exist I told her, but they still want it!
  • A pay slip from before he joined the salary sacrifice scheme.
  • A pay slip from after he joined the salary sacrifice scheme.
  • A copy of the agreement between his employer and the Busy Bee’s people.
  • A letter explaining that I am not participating in a salary sacrifice scheme but he is.
  • Breakdown of our estimated income for 2009-10.

What the hell?? Hubby was annoyed when I told him that the tax people want his contract and I have no idea why they need to see so much written evidence of everything – maybe a red flag appeared on the screen that said please wind this customer up or maybe I don’t sound trust worthy on the phone and they want to see everything. I’ve got a stinking headache and feel flagged out by all the benefit work, for goodness sake people claiming this benefits are mums with young children we don’t have the mental energy to do all this!


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