The title says it all. A couple of days ago hubby and I noticed a little niff from the washing machine – possibly caused by the door being shut (Ben loves to play with it) or the collection of gunk in the plasticky door seal.

Anyhow – today is my day without Ben, he is at nursery so in my morning hour and half of domesticity I decided to fix it – a boil wash (well 90 degree’s is the hottest my machine goes, but its close enough) with a good slug of vinegar in the drawer (and I gave the drawer a good wipe down as well). Initially I was very concerned, I seemed to have swopped a slightly stale smell when opening the machine for a strong smell of vinegar all over the downstairs.

To mask the vinegar I got out my pledge and did a quicdk dust and polish in the lounge and office followed by pushing the hoover around. All in all when the health visitor arrived the main bits of downstairs looked and smelled presentable – and best of all when the wash finished the machine smelled of ….. nothing!

Ciaran was weighed again – over the last fortnight he has gained a whopping 1lb 4oz and now weighs 9lb 2.5oz – well done Ciaran and well done me for making such yummy milk! The health visitor didnt measure him (when she measured him the other week he was very short compared to his weight etc…) as he looks much bigger and I was happy that he now fills out his 0-3 month sleepsuits – stretching the feet etc…

I could be good and do more housework while Ciaran naps but my health visitor said that I needed to use Wednesdays to rest not to go mad with housework, so I am going to watch catch up TV on demand and do some knitting – kind of constructive and relaxing at the same time!


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Filed under 5 week old baby, breast feeding, growth spurt, housework

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