Preparing for operation "Big Boy Bed"

Ben slept in his moses basket until he was 4 – 5 months old, we took him to Norfolk when he was 4 months old and he was still in the basket then and for a while when we came home, I don’t think Ciaran will last much longer in the basket, he looks big and seems to get annoyed when he flings his arms out and hits the side of the basket.
As I have no intention of paying several hundred pounds on a new cot we have to start operation “Big Boy Bed”
We’ve been saying in a half hearted way for a while now that we will clean the spare room out, buy a single bed etc… but there didnt seem much urgency. To get us moving I’ve started spending money. A trip to Dunelem today with my parents and the kids helped matters along. In their sale I got a single bed set (duvet, pillow, mattress protector etc…), waterproof protector set (for pillow, duvet and mattress) as potty training will start in a few months time, football duvet cover, blue cushion for his armchair.
Having spent money hubby is likely to start work in earnest – to be fair he and my Dad have fixed the sliding wardrobe doors so that they no longer provide an interesting risk element everytime you open them and as Ben is at nursery tommorrow I can do my bit for the cause by looking through my old clothes and deciding what can go to the charity shop.
Hubby has said that he will research single beds online, my only stipulation is that we need to buy the side guards – he will climb off the bed but at least he wont unintentionally roll off it and the bed should have an under bed storage feature for bedding. Our plan at the momment is to start letting Ben play in the room when it is ready and have his day time naps there before moving him there for proper sleeping. Ideally I’d like to have him settled in the room a month before I move Ciaran to the cot so that he doesn’t feel pushed out of his cot – we live in hope!
I also did a Costco shop with my parents – Johnsons baby toiletry set for £11 – the boxes alone cost more than that in the shops so I got it (conviniently forgetting hubby’s decision not to buy the box set last week when we were there!). As Ciaran woke up needing a feed my parents treated Ben and me to a snack, while I treated Ciaran to a snack. My Dad and Ben shared a cottage pie (Ben ate about 2/3’s and probably would have ate the lot if he had his way. I had a slice of pizza which Ben also insisted on sharing – but I sneakily ate as quickly as I could to maximise my share of the food! Ben was a great advert for Costco – rubbing his tummy and going “yum yum” to strangers.

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