Breaking news – last night I am sure I got Ciaran’s first proper smile. He had seemed to smile a few times (normally while feeding) but as I sat holding him in bed, getting ready to feed him I glanced down and saw him smiling, I smiled back and he gave me a HUGE smile in return! Hooray!!! Still feeding like crazy day and night and now he wants to be held all the time. I’ve gently settled him down on Ben’s old play mat and he is dozing now.

Other fab news is that Dad got out of hospital yesterday, he needs to have his gall bladder removed in a few months when the inflammation goes down and has been really quite poorly but should get better soon.

Expressing milk is still a funny business, I thought I had cracked it earlier in the week expressing 4oz at a time, then it dropped to 2 – 2 1/2 oz. Today I managed to express just over 3oz so thats good.

Hubby has gone out to meet my cousin and his dog at the local park with Ben, I strongly recommended that Ben be given an ice-cream to stave off heat stroke (that’s good parenting!). Ben has a little cold, he was very grumpy yesterday which I put down to being overtired and overheated (he spent most of lunchtime running in circles in the garden after gobbling his barbeque lunch) but today he is very snotty and a little feverish. He also refused to eat lunch (jacket potato and beans at Costco) so had a slice of toast when we got home.

The evil casshier at Costco wouldn’t let hubby renew his membership at the till, so I had to stand like a lemon holding Ben’s hand and jiggling a hungry Ciaran near the till while he went to the main desk to renew his membership, when he came back I had my hands full of children so I simply hadned over my switch and have no idea how much the shop came to (a good thing as we had popped in for water, liquid soap and anti-bacterial sprays and came out with much more).

A strange thing happens at Costco, I become convinced that I need loads of stuff – those Johnstons baby toilettry sets were on sale for under a tenner – I wanted it but hubby said no I hadn’t used all the toilettries when I bought it for Ben so I couldnt have it this time; 48 bars of double decker or galaxy would have been lovely (and essential for a breast feeding mummy) until I realised that Ben would also love having all that chocolate in the house and it would lead to major arguments and toddler tantrums.

We came out with more ink for the printer (it is cheaper to buy it there), nappy wipes, handwash, anti-bacterial spray, mini cheeses (for me and Ben – not cheese phobic hubby), southern fried chicken, 500ml bottles of fizzy water (yes its cheaper to buy 2 litre bottles in tesco’s and even cheaper to drink it from the tap but I love it!) and yoghurt coated snack bars. I have a feeling it was an expensive shop but never mind.

Dinner last night was great – Enchillada’s Good Food style. I have 4 individual portioins frozen in the freezer, hubby wasn’t very keen, said they were soft and damp and that he would be in charge of cooking them next time (I have a feeling that he’ll dump the lovely soured cream), it was a lovely stodgy comforting meal andI am going to enjoy eating the frozen ones for lunch (I think that Ben would like them as well!). Tonight’s dinner will be much healthier – Okra curry.


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