Hard times at the OK Coral

MIL visited at the weekend from Northern Ireland. Ben instantly loved her (she gave him chocolate and lots of cuddles, what’s not to love).

I had a very hard night with little Ciaran last night, he fell asleep at 8:30pm, allowing me to have a nice bath, I thought maybe we were cracking the cluster feeding in the evening, nooooo. He woke up at midnight and decided to cry and cluster feed for 3 1/2 hours. Little monkey is now asleep recovering from last night.

I managed to express 90 ml of milk this morning so I am pleased as I had struggled a bit the last few days.

Ben didn’t eat much lunch 1 1/2 fish fingers, some mash, brocoli and a couple of carrot sticks but he is now napping and I had to choose how to spend nap time – sleep myself or start working out. The battle of the bulge beat the shadows under my eyes. I only did 16 minutes on the WiiFit but I am glad I did a little exercise (super step, super hula hoop, some yoga and some balance games) as it does seem to have picked me up.

I’m going to shower and then walk the boys to the clinic for me and Ben to have our asthma check up’s.

I’m trying to keep busy to avoid exhaustion setting in and as I am quite worried as Dad is up at the local hospital having tests done, they’ve run an ECG and not started panicking so it doesn’t look like a proper heart attack, Mum said they are making sure he hasn’t had a small heart attack and are doing X-Rays. I’m praying everything is OK, Mum and Dad have enough on their hands running a business in a recession without any major health problems and it puts my crappy nights sleep well into perspective.


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