Fun on the farm and weighty matters

Yesterday my Mum, sister and I took the boys to Mead Open Farm, I had Ciaran in the sling (a nice fleecy pouch one) Ben had slept in the car and was a little tired when we rushed to watch the lambs being fed – not a brilliant idea.

Lambs are noisy when they are fed and a large barn full of lambs begging to be fed is a very noisy and scary place for a tired little boy, Bens face crumpled up with fear and misery and he had to be cuddled by his Nanny. He was very clingy and upset for a while, but gradually calmed down and even stroked a couple of goats! For the rest of the visit he was terrified of lambs and sheep and cried everytime he heard one.

He did have a good time (as long as we kept away from the naughty noisy sheep!) and loved his lunchtime treat (a jam sandwich, I was going to share with him but I only got one quarter) and some mini hobnobs. Looking around the restuarant Ben did seem to be doing very well for his age, most children around the same age were still in highchairs and needed help eating. Ben refuses help and was sitting on a chair like the rest of us with jam sandwich in one hand and a Hobnob in the other! Not a healthy lunch but enough to keep me, Ciaran and Ben going for a bit!

Ciaran seems to be gearing up for his 3 weeks growth spurt and was up all night miserable and feeding. After a while you get so tired and achy (sitting up in bed is not that comfy after a while) and I panicked that my milk had dried up – panic being contagious hubby then panicked that Ciaran had a dry nappy (it was less than 2 hours since the last nappy change) and rushed to Tesco’s this morning and returned with cartons of SMA gold.

The health visitor came today and put my mind at rest. Ciaran is positioned very well, gaining weight and actively feeding. He now weighs 7lb 14oz. This puts him around the 9th centile and means he has put on 9oz in 10 days which is fine. She also added that the charts in the red book are based on bottle fed babies not breast fed.

I’ve got a couple of ounces of breast milk out of the freezer for hubby to give Ciaran tonight, the health visitor said its OK to give the odd bottle as Ciaran has got a good latch and even if it doesn’s fill him up it will give me 15 minutes of him not feeding and will mean he just needs a top up from me and should sleep OK. I think hubby is going to enjoy doing a tiny babies bottle again.

What I am struggling with (other than exhaustion) is the way that most of us live in a weird metric/ imperial split. At school I was taught to use metric for science and Maths, but imperial was used for lessons like geography and I learned to cook in imperial (a roast chicken is 20 minutes per lb + 20 minutes, a cake is half the amount of eggs to the ounces of the other ingrediants etc…). Most people are my age or older and can’t conceptualise how much 300 odd grammes is, so why do the health visitors have to give babies’ weights in metric and then convert back to imperial?

On a non baby note I can’t see why the supermarkets won’t put imperial weights on products anymore? Everytime I cook a chicken I have to convert grammes to pounds, if a recipe calls for 10 fluid ounces of cream I am up a creek as the shops sell in weird metric amounts like 288ml etc…


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