My son the ladies man

My Mum was suprised today when she walked in and saw Ben sitting at his table with a yoghurt, eating nicely with a spoon and no help. She reckons its very unusual for an under 2 year old to eat that nicely – mind you by her own admission she practically tied my arms and my sisters arms to our sides to keep mealtimes tidy.

Rest of the day went really well – Ciaran was unusually co-operative with his feeding schedule and I managed to give Ben his bath and do all of his bedtime – hooray!

I even found a way to scrub him (he likes to do it all himself) – I popped some shower gel onto a scrunchie (I had to quickly promise it wasnt shampoo and that I wouldn’t wash his hair – well done Ben!) started cleaning him to his dismay – I told him that he would smell so nice that the girls would all go “Oooh Ben you smell nice” which worryingly seemed to work – he actually demanded more shower gel on the scrunchie!

Hubby cooked as I was on bedtime duties – I like this deal, I choose a recipe and then he ends up doing the work!


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