Here we go again

Long time no blogging!

I’ve been busy holding down two jobs (crappy council and knackering consultancy) and getting pregnant and having our second son! Ciaran Robert was born on Tuesday 28 April at 9:20pm.

I will post a blood guts and gore birth story (well theres not much blood and gore compared to Ben’s birth but it was hard work!) later. For now a quick update:

1. Few women would be stupid enough to have another baby after Ben’s disasterous babyhood (weight loss, hospitalisation, dieticians, enoforced mixed feeding), let alone do it so quickly but I must have part of my brain missing as we decided to start trying for a second baby!

2. Despite getting pregnant quickly with Ben we believed it would take ages to get pregnant a second time, turns out your teachers at school were right – it can happen straight away!

3. Grim pregnancy – SPD, lots of scares etc…

4. To avoid another whopper of a baby I was induced at 38 weeks.

5. Second babies are very rarely back to back. Ciaran turned back to back as they started inducing me – thanks sweetheart.

Breastfeeding is going well. Ciaran was weighed yesterday and has regained his birthweight already (7lb 5oz). He wants to feed all the time and last night for a horrific session we were up and both in tears from 12:30 to 4:30 as he fed, slept at the breast and woken up screaming in the moses basket nuzzling and rooting for more milk.

I’m on antibiotics as I have a large clot in my uterus (gross) and the doctor thinks I have mild mastitis, the midwives all disagree and say its just a backed up duct (gross again). These have made Ciaran windy and upset my tummy so that may be why we had a nightmare last night.

Ben is a lovely energetic toddler who gores from being interested in Ciaran to being bored by him as you would expect from a 22 month old. Last night as I put him into his cot he kept looking worried and saying “baby baby” so I told him it was OK baby was sleeping next door and that baby had to go to bed earlier than him, he also said “night night” to me as I shut the door.

Parenting two under two is definately challenging but there are advantages – the stress and running around are doing wonders for my figure and there is double the loving momments when you realise that it is worth losing a career to be a mummy. All in all the pluses are still outweighing the negatives so I am a happy mummy.

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