Sick little boy

Poor Ben – he’s had a runny nose for about a week now, but other than being a little grumpy has been OK. Today when we got up he wasn’t his usual self (we have games we play while he is still in the cot) and after his morning bottle of milk (yes I know he doesn’t need a bottle anymore but he likes it) he fell asleep cuddled up to me.

Ben never sits on my lap, he’ll tolerate sitting on my lap for food or milk and will then slide off at the earliest oppourtunity. Instead today he whimpered and cuddled up to me. It was only when his Daddy got up that he woke up and we realised he was burning up, he even had a heat rash across his chest. We had a lie down on Mummy and Daddy’s bed, calpol and then a walk in the stroller to give him a chance to get a good long nap, shift some weight for me and cool him down (before the sun burnt the clouds away it was comfortable out).

We got home and had a storecupboard salvage lunch – Ben had sweet potato mash (its great when he’s sick as its plain simple, mild food and it tastes sweet). I’m too lazy too peel potatos anymore and my mash comes out of a baked potato via the microwave. I did score brownie points by filling the left over skins with a spicy cheddar and mozzarella mix and smokey bacon. This was all given to Daddy as I am on weightwatchers, doing the Core Plan and strangely enough mozzarella wasn’t on the permitted food list.

My lunch was a jacket potato, flesh scooped out and mashed with spring onions, bacon and low fat soft cheese (all on the list!) and then cooked in the oven for a bit longer. Only problem was that by now my fiercely independant son screamed everytime I left him so I ate my lunch on the floor with him cuddling me. Daddy finished off his lunch by cooking 6(!) part baked bread rolls and a bowl of soup.

While Ben napped I ran to Tesco’s and got some mince and provisions for a BBQ. I got home to a fractious little boy who was crying and feverish again – more Calpol and some water. I then remembered the little packs of raisins we got the other week and that hit the spot – sweet chewy and made better by me letting Ben get the raisins himself. During his next nap I mixed my lamb mince up ready for home made lamb burgers tonight and managed to quickly read some of my book before getting Ben up again for a bit more quiet cuddling and playing. After some tea (Heinz spaghetti and sausages, Ambrosia custard pot) he picked up and was almost his normal self for half an hour before becoming tired and cuddly again and going to bed.

I discovered that my idea of a tepid bath is far too cold to put a baby in, but rescued the day with the hot tap while he Daddy cuddled him and shook his head at my poor temperature gauge. Ben hardly had any milk at bedtime but he went down without a fight. I hope my poor little man feels better tommorrow morning.


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