Hyper baby

Ben has gone nuts. Yesterday was Sunday and it went like this:

6:45 up with Daddy – lucky Mummy had a lie in as it was her morning off ha ha.

7:45 Mummy tells Daddy that a couple of mouthfuls of honey nuts cornflakes doesn’t count as feeding Ben his breakfast. We all have breakfast.

Playing on the floor and walking around the house in between being attacked with a puffer and clothes.

9:45 Nap time until 11:15 wow!

11:15 get up with Mummy and walk in big boy shoes and socks to see what the work men are doing to the road. Get Mummy in trouble with Daddy – are you two getting in the car / yes but Ben wants to go back to the workmen etc…

12:00 Get to Nanny and Barry’s house – its a five minute drive but we had to help the work men remember. Play with Nanny in the kitchen (ripping magnets off her fridge and throwing them down, stealing pegs to chew on and post in the washing machine).

13:00 Lunch – mousakka, sweetcorn, salad veg, potatos. Scream in the lounge to force both Mummy and Nanny to share their tiramisu. Both Daddy and Grandad Barry wisely stayed on the sofa.

13:45 really upset Chippy (Nanny’s dog) as he can’t have the tiramisu.

More walking around, shouting and banging the olympic athletes on the TV in an attempt to make them go faster.

14:30 walk around Nanny’s garden with Mummy, shake the washing line and touch every blade of grass that can be reached. Get hands washed.

15:00 Nap time at home.

16:00 Up to play and walk. Mummy makes macaroni cheese with bacon and brocoli.

17:00 Tea – Macaroni cheese, pineapple pieces for pudding.

17:30 walk with Mummy and Daddy – in the stroller this time to the Co-op for milk and bin bags. On the way back notice that Mummy and Daddy are eating chocolate behind the stroller. Demand a fair share. Play at football – kicking or throwing a soft football to Mummy and Daddy.

18:45 Bath time – Mummy’s calming lush bath bomb doesn’t work. Discover how to make really big splashes in the bath, get over excited and start shrieking (neighbours have probably reported us all to Social Services now) and then experiment with sticking face in the bath water.

19:30 collapse into bed after getting dressed (obviously) reading Goodnight Moon and having a bottle of milk.

That was a relatively good day. My Mum had him today and sounded at her wits end. He was grumpy, having little tantrums when the world didn’t work the way he wanted it to, not eating much, shouting and dunking clothes pegs in the dogs water bowl.

Anyway he is at nursery tommorrow and they are the experts who are very well paid to look after him (actually a daughter of a friend of my Mum works there, staff aren’t well paid, but the company definately is!) so I’m sure they will find an interesting way to keep him amused, probably involving paint.

Work bad today – had a disagregation meeting to discuss staffing splits between new authorities. Everyone wants to work in Bedford and we need to be 60:40 in favour of Central Beds. B*ll**ks. Redundancies are looming, I’m just hoping that the older people step up to the mark for it. Two of them used to work in Dunstable and are now saying that it is too far for them to travel – well you did it when you had to! I need to be in Bedford – I car share with Chris most days and need public transport for when the car is in the garage etc… Still never mind – it could be worst.


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