Good food show

Yesterday we took Baby B to the good food show in the birmingham NEC. Baby B loved free samples! He had

Chocolate ice-cream
Organic lemon and orange yoghurt
Organic rice pudding
Samples of fancy bread
Amore cherry yoghurt
A good portion of Nanny’s cajun chicken and bacon baguette.

A lovely day finished early when we got caught in a crush of people wanting to see Gordon Ramsey, we tried to pick our way through the crowd but nobody gave us a chance to get past. Baby B was quite happy until someone decided to step over the pushchair, kicked it and scared Baby B.

We tried to get through the wine tasting but Baby B now seemed scared to be in the pushchair in any crowd so we called it a day. When we got home Baby B had a little macaroni cheesd with bacon and brocoli, toast and then joined in with our takeaway chinese. He loved prawn crackers and king prawn balls – he didn’t seem keen to have rice or noodles spooned into his mouth so we let him chomp away happily. I know chinese on top of snacking is hardly the healthiest day but he loved it!


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