Big boys stay up late

Last night we experiemented with Baby B- sounds sinister doesn’t it.

He has been full of beans lately so we decided we would get back into the habit of eating dinner early and he could pick at our dinner and then have his cereal, bath and bed. We had pasta bolognaise, which he quite liked and when he got bored of eating it he had grapes cut in half for pudding.

We then watched the Simpsons on channel 4+1 while eating warm weetabix before bath and bed. He was sound asleep by 8 and slept thru to 6:30!!!

Tonight we tried fajita’s. He seemed to like it but the beef had been overcooked and was tough. Baby B being a bit slow on the uptake thought that shoving more and more strips of beef into his mouth would help to chew it – Doh! You have no back teeth little man. He got more and more frustrated – and maybe a little freaked out by the spicy meat stuck in his mouth so I had to try to flick it out with my fingers, which frustrated him even more! He settled down when I gave him a strawberry (cut in quarters as he can’t be trusted with anything large at the mo!) and a slice of toast.

No cereal as I figured toast would fill him up. I’d had a tough day at work and actually with the pressure at work, worrying about Baby B and everything else felt weepy and drained so his Daddy stepped in and put him to bed for me – no bath, but hey you cant have everything.

I’m loving having Mad Dr May back in Eastenders but surely Sumemr is already over a year old – I thought Dawn gave birth in Spring last year, I was pregnant but not ready to drop so Summer should be much older than Ben and should have already had her birthday – yet it right Eastenders.

Got to go as Sir Alan Sugar is calling and I need the therapy right now!


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