Hungry Hungry Hippo

Baby B has been a greedy little boy for the last few days. I’m not going to get excited and think he’s finally going to put on weight as he goes through a binge and starve cycle regularly!

Sunday breakfast was a folded cheese omlette – not very popular and toast – much more popular. He had a snack of honey nut cornflakes with his Dad at around 11 (I know honey and babies shouldnt mix and I know we are giving him a sweet tooth, but his Daddy doesn’t listen!)

For Sunday lunch we went to my parents for a barbecue Baby B had
a tortilla crisp – naughty Daddy
potato salad
a little coleslaw
Chicken breast marinated in italian stuff
A little bit of burger
A little bit of sausage
Cucumber slices cut in half (lots of Godfather mommetns as he grinned at us rind side facing out between his teeth!)
Spicy mexican rice – loads, we kept spooning it in and he cried if we stopped!
A bowl of posh chocolate ice-cream. When he saw my Mum carrying out bowls of icecream and sitting down he started making shouting noises as if to say which is my bowl, and why isnt it being spooned into my mouth instantly
We finished up by having a little more rice after dessert.

On the way home he had some of my crunchy bar icecream and for tea he had
Mummy’s risotto (made with brown basmati, mushrooms, ham and peas – I couldnt find arborio!)
Fruit salad of kiwi slices, strawberries quartered and grapes halved.

He then had his supper which was as usual porridge with sultana’s.

Yesteray he ate well again for my Mum while I worked. He’s at nursery today and I’m at home as we have an asthma clinic appointment and then this afternoon I have to drive to Peterborough in my corsa to buy a new car!!!

We will be a two car family at last! Dadddy will have nice 11 month old Meriva with 5K on the clock – I will have the old corsa, but I wouldnt want to drive a big car. I struggle to park with corsa, I’d be lethal in anything bigger! Very exciting times.


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