What is it with time wasters?

I agreed to a five o’clock telephone consultation with a client. Hubby had to tell a member at his council he couldn’t make a meeting at 4:30 as we needed to get home early, baby B is still at nursery.

Its 5:15 and guess what – no telephone call from this woman!

Grrrr – very grumpy as I have earache and am deaf in one ear. Lovely. I’m clerking appeals tommorrow and will have to sit there bellowing at people to speak up! Any how – consultation is not happening so I’m off to get Baby B.

Operation sleep through the night hasn’t suceeded yet, but last night with the help of a large bowl of porridge before bed he slept through to 5ish, then he woke up chatting away for a while before I got annoyed and changed his nappy and gave him some water in the hope it would shut him up which it very briefly did and then we were up properly at 6:15. Still Rome wasn’t built in a day and now we’ve stopped the antibiotics we might get a good nights sleep.


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