We’re just back from a weeks holiday in Devon. We were on one of the large family holidays that my family go in for. This one was in memory of my grandad and my Mum and Uncle decided he would have wanted to pay for a big holiday before they divided the estate up so off we went to Devon.

Normally as there are so many of us we end up in a slightly delipidated farm house – or like last year, a very delipidated house. This year was different! The farm house used to be a hotel (we think) so we all had ensuite the games room was massive with a full sized snooked table, skittles run and pool table and there were hot tubs in the garden! How the other half lives!

Baby B quickly got used to be surrounded by his extended family and ate some interesting food. On Sunday we took a tram to Seaton and all had baguettes or jacket potatos. Baby B sat with his Nanny while I ate my hot potato and waited for it to cool. While waiting for it to cool he had a couple of baby biscuitty cake things (they have a raspberry fruit filling and are very sweet, unsuprisingly he loves them) a few swigs of water, mini cheddars and then to his aunties horror doscovered a new flavour – prawns in marie rose sauce. His dietician aunty had no problem with him liking these other than the fact they were coming out of her baguette and being spooned into his mouth by his Nanny. He also tried some tuna mayo and seemed to like that as well. Eventually he had a few spoons of jacket potato with cheese and beans but didn’t seem very impressed with my choice of lunch.

He did get a really bad bug on holiday. On tuesday night he was so feverish I was worried. He couldn’t find the energy to stay sitting up and kept putting his head in my lap and was burning to touch. I had to go to Reading to represent someone at appeal on Wednesday so I told his Daddy to run him to the nearest GP if he was still poorly on Wednesday but thankfully he shook the fever off.

Being the kind of loving and sharing boy he is he managed to give it to me. I woke up in the night shivering and decided it was so cold Baby B would have to go into his sleeping bag (he’s been sleeping in his bodysuit without a gro bag or blanket for a few days). His Daddy wasn’t impressed with my parenting skills when he woke up and found a hot baby in a sleeping bag. Which is why I am at home today feeling tired, dizzy, breathless and sorry for myself.

Still I had a great holiday so this virus is worth it!


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