Brave New World

Wow – lots going on in the last few weeks. I’ve carried on with my transformation from a maternity leave Mummy to a very busy Mummy and represented my first client at appeal on Monday (still waiting for the result). Baby B has been very busy too.

He now has 6 teeth (6!) Four on the top and the original two on the bottom. They didn’t seem to hurt him too much as they came through, which is good as I have no intention of sticking my fingers into his mouth to massage his gums now that he can really bite! Having the extra teeth has made a big difference, he used to scrape baby sweetcorn along the bottom teeth, now he just chomps it happily. He has quickly mastered the art of using his top jaw.

He has also mastered the art of pulling himself up. Mummy, Daddy and Nanny all provide handy climbing frames to practice this on and then he’ll walk if you hold his hands! A while ago if he stood up and wanted to get somewhere, he would lunge his head towards the toy he wanted, now he happily totters around the room. We’ve put the cot down to the bottom level to prevent baby Houdini making an appearance (thankfully having your legs and body in a sleeping bag will make escape even harder).

He is still a very happy smily boy who loves to experiment with food. Kiwi fruit is nice in your mouth, but it feels even better squidged up between your fingers. For lunch I defrosted a pot of lovingly made casserole for Baby B. He decided that the chinese snack selection I had looked nicer. I offered him a prawn toast hoping he would say ” No thanks Mummy, you eat your lunch, I’ll have casserole” He grabbed it and now has a prawn toast in one hand and spring roll in the other. If I manage to get a spoonful of beef casserole in he gives me a funny look as if to say that it doesn’t go and that he won’t have culturally mismatched meals thank you very much!

I know that it is bad bad parenting to give your child prawn toast and spring rolls, but, at least I didn’t give him the wontons as they have slightly more salt and he has a very low salt diet (I make my own stock now, courtesy of rising food prices and another less than inflation pay rise) so the odd naughty meal probably isn’t the end of the world. He has now finished the chinese snacks and had a mouthful of casserole before deciding his pitta bread would be nicer. He clearly is in a no spoon mood this lunchtime.

He is happy now to get in the big boy bath alone – he still hates to have his hair washed, but I would cry if someone grabbed me, held me head down over a bath and splashed water around my head.

I am so glad we followed BLW. We do have spoon food but it tends to have big lumps, like alphabetti spaghetti, macaroni cheese, jelly with fruit pieces. If we had done conventional weaning I doubt he would eat so well at 10 months; he is also keen to try new flavours, chinese is a big sucess by the look of it and at the weekend he loved my spicy chilli and tumeric potatoes while he waited for his barbecue. I is nice to let him get on with his lunch while I do something else, like eat – or blog!

We’re on our holidays tommorrow, a week in Devon. I’ve had to explain to my Mum that babies and hot tubs don’t mix and that Ben won’t be joining her for a dip in the garden hot-tub this year! It seems like everything is changing and that Baby B is growing up very fast now. I love this stage where he seems to be happy with his abilities as he always seemed cross when he was a tiny baby who couldn’t do much. Hope everyone is having a good week!


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