Poor little Baby B

Baby B has had a hard time of it. First there was the chest infection which was fought off with Lilt flavoured antibiotics and a scary inhaler, then his nose got very snotty again, yesterday his Nanny casually mentioned the fact he had cut a third tooth (I hadn’t noticed!) and today we were back to the doctors again!

Last night Baby B’s little nose was running (the really bright yellow thick catarrah type snot, if you are interested) and as he rolled around in his cot he managed to wipe a big streak of snot up his face from his nose, across his cheek and up to his right eye. He woke up at 3am (thanks Baby B!) and I cleaned his eye as best I could with cotton wool and water but it was too little too late. In the night a little eye infection set in and typically he rubbed his sore eye and then his good eye.

When we got him up his eyes were a little puffy and red, they quickly became very swollen and manky so I walked to the surgery with him to get some antibiotic eye cream from the nurse. If you thought getting a baby to use a puffer was hard try pinning him to the ground, forcing his bottom eye lid down and getting the cream into his eye.

Despite the trauma (and frequent failiures on ky part to get his eye open or the cream past his eyelashes) it seems to be working and his right eye was already looking a lot better.

Breakfast was a new treat, Oatibix bite sized (apple and sultana). I mixed them with milk and popped them in the microwave for a quick zap. Baby B loved it, he kept laughing and making hmmmm noises of appreciation. After a bowl he was begging for more, but I noticed the second ingrediant was sugar in between oats (77%) and apples (7%) so we are looking at a lot of sugar. I cruelly decided one bowl was enough, I’ve relaxed a hell of a lot about puddings as his very expensive nursery serves them at lunch and tea and they must know what they are doing, but two bowls of sugary cereal was a step too far. Instead of the second bowl of sugarry oatibix that he desperately craved he got a slice of toast.

Baby B’s revenge was to throw the soldiers over the side of the high chair and then as I crouched on the floor picking them up to aim them at my head. Baby B’s Daddy worked from home this morning and after the trip to the surgery I decided to try Baby B with a little snack (he seems starving in the mornings), to his fathers disgust we sat down together to share some TUC cheese sandwiches. Yum. Baby B’s Daddy was repulsed at the cheese smeared across Baby B’s face, hands and clothes and slightly put out that I am turning his son into a cheese eater.

After a very short nap (broken as he woke up and realised he couldn’t open his eyes) Baby B’s Nanny visited to see her poorly grandson. We played for a while with the Animal train (he has a real thing about hearing a song over and over again, he loves recognising a song and never grows bored of it, even if it has a grating american accent) and then I made lunch. Now that Baby B chews and eats well I’m not so worried about letting him have a spooned meal and have discovered Heinz tins. Todays gourmet delight was beans and mini sausages. I would not have dreamt of giving him something like this before and would have mixed organic baked beans with posh high quality mini sausages but working two part time jobs has cut my principles right down.

Actually the scary frankenfurter texture to the sausages made them ideal for Baby B. I bashed them in half or thirds with his spoon before loading the spoon as high as I could and posting it into his mouth. He gave every mouthful a chew before swallowing and loved it. I guess that the sausages are an easy to gum and digest texture that you wouldn’t get in a more textured and expensive sausage. Yesterday in a similar haute cuisine momment I sent him to his Nanny’s house with a tin of alphabetti spaghetti. As he likes to at least have something in his hands to throw at me I gave him half a rice cake which had the occasional chomp but was mainly there to satisfy Baby B’s need to hold something at meal times.

After that I suggested we go shopping as the centre MK gets busy at weekends. We started at Nando’s. This time Baby B didn’t get a meal as he had already had his lunch. He had a tiny edge of his Daddy’s garlic bread (given quite grudgingly) and a chip that didn’t have too much peri peri on it. He was quite happy to sit in his chair and watch the world, although as Daddy pointed out he didn’t look as photogenic as last time with bright red swollen pus ladden eyes and a streaming nose.

When we got home we managed to all get in the house without waking Baby B so he stayed in his car seat and in all had an hours nap before tea. Tea was cauliflower cheese. I made a big batch a few weeks ago in tinfoil containers. Each one holds about 2 portions so he had the same tea 2 days running but I doubt his memory is sophisticated enough to realise this. He liked his cauliflower cheese and the toasted pitta bread I gave him. He loved his pudding. Chocolate Angel Delight is what you give poorly children, and now that he is so big I figured lets go for it. I only gave Baby B a one tablespoon dollop, his Daddy is circling the left overs in the fridge like a vulture as we speak.

Baby B eventually went to bed, hopefully feeling a good deal better than he did before lunchtime.

Our Dell laptop arrived today. Since I started doing a little (!) consultancy work we decided we needed a WiFi and laptop. Baby B’s Daddy decided that he would help me by choosing the laptop. My protests that I just wanted to go to PC world and pick up the cheapest one that I could use word, excel and the internet on was dismissed. He found a laptop that would cost over £600 buit he got it for £370 etc… I gave up and decided to be Zen and go with the flow.


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