Well how was I to know he was sick?

Baby B has had a bad cough for about 6 weeks, but other than a very snotty nose and cough he hasn’t seemed ill at all. He has been happy and alert so I decided he was fine. Eventually I caved into pressure and took him to the surgery they have sent me home with antibiotics for his chest infection (evil Mummy ignoring him!) and an inhaler (they think that he may haev underlying asthma, but it might just be a cough).

Have you tried giving a baby an inhaler? Its great. You puff the puffer into a tube and attach the mask end of the tube to your babies face while encouraging them to breath calmly and deeply (lol). Baby B flicks his head from side to side and bursts into tears if the mask follows him. I’m working on the assumption that one breath of ventolin is better than none (but not as good as the five deep breathes I’m suppposed to coax out of him!).

Antibiotics have come a long way. When I saw the bright yellow goo I remembered the vile banana flvoured medicine I used to have once a month or so (I had recurrent tonsilitis and an allergy to pencillin). Baby B’s medicine smells of lilt, a drop fell onto his Daddy’s arm who gave it a lick and reported that it tastes like Lilt! Baby B crys about the medicine because he wants more!!

He’s eating quite well. He was at my Mums today and had a whole weetabix followed by a whole yoghurt (proper sized adult yoghurt with fruit pieces). Lunch was a bowl of leek and potato soup (she doesn’t like baby led weaning) followed by a banana (she’ll relax her distrust of Baby Led Weaning for bananas as I deprive him of the foul smelling fruit!). He had a snack of a low fat biscuit (I think they’re go ahead bar with apple and raisins – very tasty and altho low fat a firm favourite of Baby B’s) as again she’ll relax about the mess if he is sat on the floor and the family dog is on standby to hoover up the crumbs!

Tea was gypsy toast with Mummy.

Not a bad day. His cough is getting better so we are all sleeping better and all is well other than my attempted foot breaking exercise this morning.

I slipped going down the stairs, normally I slide down a few steps and land on my behind. This time I slid down a few steps and my back leg (still on the landing) followed behind, dragging my foot at an odd angle and slamming the front of my ankle (the only bit of my body without a layer of insultation / fat) stright into the metal bar of the stair gate. I spent my working from home morning with my ankle on the computer desk as Baby B’s Daddy had ordered me to the surgery and told me that if he got back saw my ankle was still swollen and I hadn’t seen a doctor there would be trouble! Luckily the long strip of swelling went down after a few hours and altho slightly bruised I have escaped without injury!


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