Messy play and Baby B

Baby B has been back to nursery again. On Tuesday he was quite upset, apparently there were a couple of new babies who cried, which made him cry, which made them cry more (I really felt sorry for the nursery staff!), he didn’t eat much or nap very well yesterday. Today was much better.

He had a nice long nap before lunch, had a little lunch (ham, potato and leek bake) and then scoffed his pudding (chocolate sponge cake apparently his baby led weaning skills were utilised by shoving it straight into his mouth). He did pretty much the same at tea time, picking at his scrambled egg and muffin and waiting for his poached plum. I’m slightly worried that he is becoming addicted to pudding.

They do a lot of the activities at nursery that I would not dream of doing with the 9 month old baby. I have bought some crayons, big sheets of paper and play dough, but as Baby B would rather shove things in his mouth for a good chomp our creative play is some what hampered by my attempts to prize things out of his mouth. The nursery let him ‘paint’ yesterday (I think it was more a case of slapping his hands around in paint and enjoying the splashing and mess!). Today he made a sheep by sticking cotton wool onto paper – with a little help from his key worker Miss Kirsty!

We went to pick him up at 5 and were met by a very apologetic Miss Kirsty. “I’m really sorry” she said (my heart sank, Baby B had obviosuly been so upset that they didn’t think he should ever come back) “but he hasn’t had his tea yet, he’s still having a nap”. I was delighted – extra time to have a cup of tea while Baby B finished his nap and had a little tea. We were back just after 5.30 and when we walked in he was too busy playing on the floor to notice me, until I called his name!

He is definately getting happier. The nursery staff said we might find that he is a little upset every tuesday as he is back in nursery after a long break, but at least we all know he can be happy and cheerful!

He also has an obsession with music at the momment. If you sing Baa Baa Black sheep, his face lights up and he slaps his hands up and down, he loves to hear his Daddy play guitar and loves to play it himself (well, he hits the wooden bit of the guitar and if he can get hold of the strings gives them a good yank as well) and he is a budding percussionist, he loves to whack his toys togethers to hear the noises they make.

Work is busy – Job 1 is busy and depressing, my council will cease to exist in a year. Nobody knows for sure if they’ll have a job, I’m probably OK (there will be two new councils needing people to do my job, and I am the only person employed to do it) but the committee staff in my office aren’t so optimistic. Four councils are being replaced by two new ones and realistically the boroughs and districts running the new councils will favour their own existing staff, so everyone is very down and worried, its no joke losing a job when you have a mortgage and children.

Job 2 is busy so I can’t complain. 2 people have asked me to represent them at their hearing, so I have a lot of work do to get the cases as good as I can. We’re trying to get a wifi thing going in the house but it seems doomed to fail. Everything Baby B’s Daddy does ends up in swearing and threatening the computer so my dream of sitting on a wi-fi laptop may be some way away.

Hope everyones week is going well.


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