Easter Egg, snot and tears

Baby B had a hard boiled egg for the first time yesterday. I gave him two quarters of an egg and let him get on with it (he’d already had quite a lot of toast by the time it had cooled so I wasn’t expecting him to eat a lot) he loved it, both the yolk and white were gratefully ate. On a similar strong tasting food note today at my parents his Grandad gave him half a crab stick which he also loved! Obviously his little taste buds are enjoying all the new strong tasting foods, which along with his love of garlic bread pretty much disproves the theory that babies like bland food.

He has been sickening for a cold for a few days and it broke last night, he was very feverish and woke up every few hours, taking about an hour to get back to sleep – nightmare, it was like having a little newborn again! He’s picked up quite a bit over the day and coped fine with a trip to Pizza Hut at lunch time (he was poorly, his Daddy is poorly and I had lost the will to live!) he had a nutritionally dubious meal of garlic bread followed by ice-cream. I decided in my exhausted state that if he is sick then he is able to eat whatever he likes and I know he likes garlic bread and ice-cream.

This afternoon I got out the last few bottles of home made stock and made a chicken soup for Baby B and his Daddy, to the stock I added the left over chicken from yesterday, loads of carrots and brocoli and a tin of sweetcorn. I whizzed baby B’s briefly to make it easy to spoon in (I didn’t ancy letting him plunge his hands into a bowl of soup to get the carrots out!), I then added noodle, chilli and tabasco to the remaining soup for his Daddy to eat. As Baby B’s Daddy has spent most of the weekend knocking up challenging looking exotic food in the kitchen he is now the master of the kitchen and has decided that homemade stock is tastier then cubes and much healthier and therefore must be made regularly – great going, I now have to spend a whole day boiling a chicken carcass with vegetables before skimming fat off the next morning on a regular basis!

The tears are my own, tommorrow I’m back in the office. I know it shouldn’t be a suprise, my maternity leave finished over a month ago and I’ve done a little consultancy work over the weekend but I hate the idea of leaving Baby B in the nursery that he hates for a whole day and got very upset at bedtime. Anyhow I’m off to chop veg for tommorrow evenings casserole (I want to be able to chuck it into the slow cooker and not worry!) and iron my clothes for tommorrow (I’ll miss the freedom to wear tatty unironed clothes, but not as much as I’ll miss spending time with my precious little baby). 😦


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