I cant believe I missed it!!!!!

Baby B had a practice session at nursery today, I dropped him off at 9.30 for a two hour stay with the nice ladies and babies. My Mum had to nip into Luton and promised to collect me at 11.15 to go and get Baby B before driving off with the car seat (seemed no point in carrying it back in and out of my house).

I pottered around making a batter for toad in the hole, checking emails and so on until at 11 I got a call from the nursery, Baby B had gone for a nap OK but had woken up inconsolable. My Mum was not in the area yet so I got a taxi to the nursery and sat cuddling poor clingy Baby B until my Mum arrived with the car seat.

After that we spent most of the day at my Mums so that I could grill Baby B’s veggie and cheese pitta’s (we have a weird problem with our lecky at the minute and hubby had to switch fuses around before he left this morning, to give me power to the house but not the cooker). Baby B had a nice time trying to grab the dog and trying the grab the dogs toys that were just out of reach.

We got home, grandad changed the fuse box from an old fashions rewirable fuse box to an idiot proof button one (even I can push a button back in when a fuse goes!) and then Baby B’s Daddy came home. Baby B played in the office while I watched last nights episode of the Passion. When I was drying Baby B off from his bath I was talking about how I worry that I’ll miss some of his milestones going back to work and Daddy casually mentioned Baby B had crawled a foot or so to get to the radiator in the office!! His impression of it was kind of half commando shuffle and half crawl.

Typical – I’ve not even gone back to the office and already I’m not the first one to see him crawl (sob!) I consoled myself by eating too much toad in the hole and onion gravy.

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