Back home – boo!

We’re back from sunny Lanzarote. Baby B has developed and addiction to watermelon and yoghurts and we missed teh horrible storms ha ha!!

The holiday was fantastic and when I have my act together enough to sort out the photo’s Baby B’s holiday diary will let everyone know how wonderful it all was. In the meanwhile if you are thinking of going on holiday to Lanzarote with a baby I can recommend the following:

Timanfaya Golf Hotel – we went slightly out of season so I cant comment on it at the height of summer but for us it was great. Large apartment with a fridge etc.. despite being all inclusive. The waiters were very attentive and all loved making a fuss of Baby B in the restuarant (Baby B loved the attention). Its a way out of the town centre but you can walk to town, or more realistically with a child you can rent a car for the week and get everywhere easily. The food is good quality. I went there when I was pregnant (and therefore susecptible to any food poisoning going) and was fine. Baby B was fine eating there this time. I trust the kitchen at this hotel.

Travel Tots Lanzarote – the url is why put your self through the misery of sterilising bottles and teats in a pan (that has never been used for any type of cooking) or the worry of not sterilising when you can rent the stuff you need. Reasonably priced and very friendly. We had a steam sterilier and baby bath. Both of which made the holiday a lot less stressful.

Not flying Monarch – they don’t do skycots anymore. Baby B isnt used to sleeping in my arms and is very uncomfortable to hold for a 90 minute nap. Also for an inexplicable reason we were allowed extra leg room seats flying from Gatwick to Arrecife (life is easier if you have space by your feet for all the essentials!) but were told that for safety reasons we couldn’t have them on the way back? Very strange and not a particularly baby friendly airline.

Relaxing about food – yes Baby B had yoghurt every morning, had hotel soup (probably over seasoned by our salt concious tastes), loved chocolate blacmange and any flavour of ice-cream. Its only a weeks holiday and its not as if I gave him arsenic to lick. If I tried to ensure every meal was balenced etc.. I’d have gone nuts. He gets most of his nutrition from milk anyhow so I decided to relax. Also it would have been hypocritcal of me as I decided having salad with lunch and dinner meant I could have as many chips etc.. as I wanted, could have a cooked breakfast and toast and croissants at breakfast and could have dessert when I wanted. If we can relax our eating rules it is probably OK to do the same for the baby.

Packing your own formula in tupperware type containers – they didnt leak and we didnt have to give Baby B a different type of formula so that was one less thing to worry about.

Any how – I’m heading back to my normal life as a laundry maid cum chef (yesterdays home made chicken goujons, corn on the cob and potato wedges were largely discarded but never mind!) as this is my last week before I go back to the office.


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