Ponti’s and Picnics

Baby B is getting over his cold – he still has a cough but slept fairly OK last night without any medised. Sadly his Daddy now has the cold and it has mutated into man flu so I am still caring for a sick invalid. Never mind.

Yesterday my Mum took Baby B and I to Milton Keynes, I needed to pick up my Dads birthday present, insect repellant for Baby B and books to dream of reading on holiday (I am not deluding myself that this will be like the relaxing week we spent in Lanzarote when I was carrying Baby B!).

Around 11.30 Baby B bacame a demonic child, wriggling and moaning in his pushchair so we had an early lunch at Ponti’s the italian resturant. They have big adverts up saying that on the Bambino menu children eat free when an adult main course is ordered. To my rather befuddled Mummy brain this translated to ‘we have a menu for babies’. At Ponti’s I confused the waiter by asking for the baby menu (duh – most babies eat from a jar love!) and was told the free meal was a childrens main without a drink and fruit etc…. Assuming that anything free would be small I ordered Baby B a plate of sausage beans and chips. To keep him from eating his pushchair while we waited I gave him a melon stick (we had gone to Boots as soon as we arrived at the centre to get emergency food!)

Our food arrived (Lasagne for me, vegetable baguette for my Mum) with a massive plate filled with a sausage, mountain of beans and a good portion of chips! I felt slightly embaressed and realised people would think I had ordered the free meal for myself as there was no way a tiny baby would eat all that! Baby B carried on with his melon as his food cooled and was then given a quarter of the sausage (we cut in half length ways and then again across to cool it quickly) which he loved. He let me spoon in some of the baked beans and wasnt keen on the chips (too much fat – nothing like my lovely dry roasted chips!)

As he sat on my lap munching more sausage and occasionally moving it away for me to spoon the beans in I glanced around the resturant and saw a normal family with a similar aged baby. They had asked for a highchair, had remembered to pack a bib and were spooning mushy carrots into the babies mouth. We may have been the messy freak family but I am sure Baby B enjoyed his meal more than the other baby.

Later in the afternoon Baby B became hungry quickly, he was howling in frustration and I didnt have the mental fortitude to put him in his highchair or go to the kitchen to make tea. Instead I sat him on his cot sheet (I use a flat sheet for him to play on, it kind of protects the carpet from his stickly fingers and slobbery kisses) and gave him the remaining melon sticks to eat on the floor with some breadsticks. This was definately a huge sucess. It seems that my son will eat for ages as long as he can wriggle around. Sadly I believe in the importance of sitting at the table for dinner and will not be making picnics at tea time a regular feature (I definately recommend them for days when you are too tired to bother with a high chair tho!)


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