From veggie lasagne to baby snot (and lots of fun in between!)

Oh the joys of motherhood, making fancy individual lasagnes for a baby (I must be mad) being stupid enough to give a 7 month old baby something cooked in white wine and the crazy looks people give you when you eat out with a Baby Led Weaning bab.

As you may have guessed from the posts title Baby B has got a cold. It came on today, this morning his nose was running a little and he sneezed a few times but he is always sneezing and gets snotty after a grumbly cry so I dismissed my Mums suggestion that he was getting a cold – he was fine (other than explosive diarrhoea but we’ll come to that later!). Nanny always knows best and he does indeed have a cold and cough. We’ll have a fun night tonight.

On Wednesday night I made a veggie lasagne (it was the good food magazines one which gave you all 5 of your fruit and veggies in one go!) I put a little into a ramekin and topped with some full fat white sauce (freezing little pots of it has finally paid off!). Baby B’s indiviual portion looked very good. On Thursday we had it for lunch. I spooned some in and finally gave in to the madness and spooned some onto his high chair tray to be poked explored and chomped. Baby B was a big fan. He liked the lasagne sheets, he liked the cheesy sauce and he liked the fact I had deviated from the recipe and topped it off with mozzarella. He happily shovelled in spinach and soft cheese, aubergine and mushrooms making me a very proud Mummy.

We then went to baby clinic and found out that he weighs 16lb 14oz. He is still swinging back and forth between the 9th and 25th percentiles but the Health Visitor was happy with it. We discussed how to make his bottles abroad (bottled water but NOT natural mineral water) and went to Nanny and Grandads house. He had chunky vegetable soup and an oatcake which again he loved. Two vegetable and tomato based meals in one day.

My old housemate from Uni visted on Friday and saw the evidence of Baby B’s lunch as she arrived, braised chicken thigh and flageolet beans followed by apple – which he took some serious chunks out of! Daddy did a half day and got home to see Baby B happily playing with the new toy Aunty Jodie had got him.

We all went to Milton Keynes (I tell you anyone from outside the area who visits us is taken to the MK centre) and had a late lunch in Pizza Express. Baby B got a bit annoyed about sitting in his stroller while we ate so I gave him a huge piece of yummy freshly baked bread from the side of my salad – we didnt hear a peep from him. By the time the milk had cooled down from the nuclear reactor heat it had been heated to he had finished most of it (they arent small pieces of bread!) and when his Daddy picked him to have the milk he quicklt shoved handfuls of bread into his mouth to stop us taking it away! He was in a lovely excited mood, laughing and playing all day and was definately on best behaviour (we did get some funny looks from people who wondered what sort of negligent parent gives a tiny baby proper bread to eat!)

He had a slightly unsettled night with sore teeth topped off with a runny bottom this morning. I called NHS Direct as I had read so many things about diarrhoea and babies (make the milk more watery, give them diarolyte sachets etc…) I was told that as there was no blood, no vomitting, fever or distress to give him the same food I would normally give him and try to get him to take as much fluid – milk and water – as possible and not to change how I make his milk. No new food (I was ashamed of myself when the nurse asked if he had anything new in the last few days and I said flagelot beans…. and the chicken and beans had been cooked in white wine which is a new thing for him). My guess is that as he had no pain it was probably the white wine being too acidic in his little tummy.

Todays food has therefore been beige – weetabix and a digestive for breakfast, gypsy toast for lunch and more weetabix for tea, lots of plain simple food to give his tummy time to calm down. He had a massive appetite, my friend said he had obviously emptied everything out and was having to fill from his legs up again as he devoured his second bowl of weetabix and them smiled smugly with a digestive.

During the afternoon it became apparant he had a nasty cold so I went to the chemists and as told to try Medised. Its like calpol but with an antihistamine to help the baby breathe. My Mum and Dad also said to put things under his mattress to raise the head end and to use some karvol or olbas oil to help him breathe at night. After his bath (I took pity on him and let him have the baby bath in the nursery again) we gave him Medised and his bedtime bottle. I burped him and put him in the cot and he erupted like a milky Mount Etna. We had to strip his grobag and sleep suit off him as they were drenched! My Mum said to expect a bad night tonight. If he struggles to breath he’ll get very upset and be fractious so I guess we’re in a for a tough few nights.



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2 responses to “From veggie lasagne to baby snot (and lots of fun in between!)

  1. Sam

    Hiya! First time I’ve read your blog (saw your link on June07 BC board as I’m a member there too and also following BLW with my bubba, so thought it would make interesting reading!) You write lovely posts about your adventures with baby B’s food! Think I’ll be popping by often to see how you’re getting on! Hope the cold/teething isn’t too hard going. We’re currently getting tooth # 2 here too and the endless stream of snot my lo has produced for the last 2 months seems never ending! Doesn’t really stop his appetite, although it’s not a massive one – he’s about the same size as B, just under 17lb and hovering between 9th/25th percentile. Are you bfing? Just wondered if you were wanting a break whilst on holiday so you could have a little drink! My name’s Sam anyway and I have a blog too (I switched from Blogger to Vox though) so hope to read more from you soon 😀

  2. Bottle feeding Mummy

    Hi Sam, we were breast feeding but it went horribly wrong when he was admitted to hospital with weight loss adn an infection at 2 weeks. The doctors wanted him to be ‘topped up’ with 2oz of formula every two hours which made it hard to go back to exclusive breast feeding and meant a couple of miserable months trying desperately! I switched to formula properly when he was about 10 weeks. I srill breast fed about once a day to settle him until December when I went on antibiotics! I will try to drink (its all inclusive and last time I was there I was pregnant so missed out) but I dont like the idea of dealing with Baby B and a hangover!

    Pretty sure teeth 3 and 4 are trying to push their way out of his top jaw but the cold is getting much better – hooray! Hope you lo gets his 2nd tooth soon.

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