Splish Splash Splosh

Baby B was in a bit of a mood today. This morning he decided that he didnt want his weetabix so he had a nice breakfast of raspberries and toast. I figured that if he wanted to be in charge of his food that was fine, we could do full baby led weaning – no spoonable food. At lunch he changed his mind and tried a little of the chicken, carrots, peppers and noodles I had lovingly re-heated but generally just looked disappointedly at it and cried. I gave in and gave him a very healthy muller rice (rhubarb) instead. He loved it and happily ate it off a spoon.

As he was still being grizzly I decided (irrationally) that we would skip his lunchtime nap and go to the NCT. We had quite a nice time to start with, Baby B loved being with the other babies and showed off how well he could sit up. Then he decided he was very tired and didnt know if he wanted to be sitting, standing or lying down and grizzled for the rest of the session. He fell asleep on the way home after a trip walk around Tesco’s and I left him in the conservatory to finish his nap while I had a prawn salad.

Tea was yesterdays left over potato pieces (baby new potato’s cut into chip/wedges shapes and dry roasted) and half an apple cut into eights. He loves hard fruit now that he has teeth and made some very impressive dents into the apple pieces. We played happily for a few hour until bedtime.

As his Daddy was working late I was doing bathtime solo. I filled up the baby bath and then the fun began. First of all, Baby B peed as I took his nappy off. Never mind, he’s about to go into the bath I thought.

After he had happily sat and splashed around in the bath I dried him off and went downstairs to get his bottle warming, next task is to empty the baby bath and shake any water off the shower curtain (essential to protect the nursery from his excited splashes!) I lifted up the baby bath and instantly water gushed out the bottom all over my feet and trousers. Baby B had been contentedly playing with the little plastic ‘plug’ in the bath and had pulled it up. The pressure from the mat and floor had formed a seal and as soon as I lifted it it gushed everywhere.

I have come to a decision. I know baby B doesnt like the big boy bath but tough luck. He has to get into it at some point and if he is big and clever enough to pull the plug out of the baby bath then he is big and clever enough for the big boy bath. End of discussion.

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