Not a HiPPy baby then!

Baby B got baptised at the weekend – he was so good in the church, he smiled as the vicar annointed his head with holy oil and only started to whinge the thrid time water was poured over his head! His best behaviour in church was slightly let down when the vicar stood holding Baby B perched on the side of the font (12th century font if you don’t mind!), Baby B decided it looked like a lovely bath and tried to jump head first into the font!

I was very proud of him and he looked so cute in a little sailor suit! I had to cook dinner for the in-laws the night before and then prepare a hot and cold buffet after service (chilli con carne, my Mums Thai Green Curry, Baby B’s mini sausages, ciabatta loaves, sandwiches, cheese board, the top tier of our wedding cake re-iced for Baby B and chocolate fingers) By the time we got home from the service Baby B was slightly worn out so he napped while the adults ate most of the buffet and came down in time to grab a couple of his mini sausages which were quickly disappearing.

Yesterday we went to Milton Keynes (Baby B’s Daddy had booked Monday off to recover from the christening) and I decided to buy Baby B a HiPP baby meal (pasta italienne with ham) he wasnt impressed and spat it back out at me. It doesnt look like we’ll be switching to the little jars any time soon.

Today he has been quite a hungry beast. Breakfast was half a weetabix and then a whole light digestive. Lunch was fish fingers with over roasted ‘chips’ and carrot sticks and tea was a slice of toast and half a pear. He gets bored quickly with his food and eats a lot better if there are several options for him to pick up and switch from one to the other. He’s not taking much milk in his day time feeds so I’ve cut them back to 5 oz bottles with 7oz at bedtime.


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