Poor old old Daddy and lucky spoilt Mummy!

Yesterday was Baby B’s Daddy’s birthday – he was 29! As I pointed out I am still only 27 and next year when he turns 30 I will only be 28! Ha Ha I love being the younger one! Buying presents for someone who’s birthday is the day before valentines day is not easy, some years I do a combined present other years I try not to be so lazy!

This year was even harder. I had to buy a birthday present from me, a birthday present from Baby B and a Valentines day present (groan). Any how Baby B and I obviously got the birthday presents right (I got him 2 series of Curb your Enthusiasm, Baby B got him the Simpson Movie) as he apparently decided his valentines day present wasnt enough for me and did some more shopping in his lunch break yesterday. As a result this morning I was given a small box of Thorntons, I was happy with this as I love Thorntons and it was good for my diet, I was then suprised with a massive box of thorntons as well! I (rather unorignally) had bought a heart shaped box of belgian choc’s from Tesco’s for hubby (I know it sounds girly but he loves chocolates and I was short of ideas at that point!) so our house is a house of chocolate, and that can only be a good thing.

Baby B was constipated today (no sense of romance from his digestive system). So breakfast was weetabix mixed with some chopped dried apricots (I just got a little cube of it out of the freezer – so easy!) Lunch was lentil and bacon soup (not a first choice for a baby as it tasted quite baconny and salty but I thought that the lentils would help) followed by chopped dried apricots. A massive poo later, I treated him to gypsy toast and baked beans for his tea. He loves gypsy toast, it is his favourite way to eat bread, not as rough as toast and with a nice eggy taste and much more calorific. Its probably no co-incidence that I love gypsy toast and am willing to eat the second slice that would be too much his little tummy whenever we eat it.

I am glad we started Baby B on Baby Led Weaning as he now can feed himself quite nicely or take lumpy food off a spoon – baked beans, scrambled eggs, thick weetabix etc… I am fairly confident that he’ll be able to eat something at every meal in the hotel in a few weeks, breakfast will probably be the easiest meal – scrambled eggs, toast, weetabix etc…. but even at lunch and dinner I can always chop something up small and spoon it in or he can have some bread, fruit etc… Famous last words I’m sure!

I got my contract ammendment through today, I like the bit about the reduction in my working hours, the reduction in salary is not so nice. Never mind – if we can afford to live on my SMP income we can cope when I am working part time. I’ve got mixed feelings about going back, I really think that something from Baby B’s nappy will hit the fan as the admin hasnt been done (the filing was in an awful mess when I was last in the office and a lot of case files were missing or hadn’t got vital letters in them), the lady who’s running it hasnt set up the appeal dates for the upper and middle school appeals (I have it done by January every year so when I recieve 40 odd appeals for each school I can slot them in easily!), nobody seems to have realised that the law has changed and apparently theres an accomodation shortage in the area!

I hate the fact that my really well organised little area is a shambles but…. part of me is looking forward to the challenge of getting back into the office. I wish that either things would be tidied up and organised so that I could just step back in and get on with clerking the appeals or that I was going back to work a few months earlier so that I would have time to get things tidied up before it gets busy. Sadly neither is going to happen. I’m also looking forward to feeling like a real person again – I love being a Mummy but I spend most of my day at home eating and talking to a baby, it’ll be nice to talk to adults about something other than poo and feeding. It’ll also be nice in a weird way to have to wear smart clothes and have tidy hair for a few days a week (I’m only in the office 3 days a week – the half day will be spent working at home so I can be really scruffy!)

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