All good babies like mustard with cheese.

I cooked a nice lunch for my Mum and Dad on Sunday. Hubby hates cheese and the only vegetable he won’t eat is cauliflower; so I need to be cooking for more than the two of us if I’m going to have cauliflower cheese (which I love with a good roast!). In fact the main reason I ever invite my parents to lunch is to make and eat cauliflower cheese. I follow a nigella lawson recipe and just tweak it (I cant be bothered to make a proper rooux sauce, I use the all in one method, and we normally only have wholegrain mustard in the house, never colmans smooth english).

Any how lunch was served at 1, Baby B sat in his highchair and screamed (this was much later than he wanted to be eating, he was too tired and hungry to bother with solids) and then sat on my lap and my Mums lap while we ate. I put a little food aside for Baby B, chicken, baby sweetcorn, brocoli and potato’s which he picked at for his tea later in the afternoon. He showed no interest in the chicken, his Dad is worried that he is growing up to be a veggie!

The next day we both tackled the huge portion of left over cauliflower cheese for lunch. To stop him getting too angry while I heated some up and let it cool slightly I cut a pear into four pieces and gave him two. Baby B kept putting it skin side down and scraping the skin off with his teeth, eventually he managed to get some of the flesh into his tummy, I kept trying to turn it the other way around so he could use his teeth on the side without skin, but he preferred to do it his way.

I cut the cauliflower pieces up fairly small and gave it a good stir before offering it to him – he loved it! Now I know that mustard in a cheese sauce works well by cutting some of the stodgy heavy cheese taste, but mustard in a baby meal is a new one on me bgut definately a big hit for Baby B. We ate some cauliflower cheese, then some more pear and then some more cauliflower cheese. It turns out my son has excellent taste!

I’m hoping that he carries on eating well as the in-laws are flying over this weekend and I want to show them how well a baby can do without baby rice and pureed carrots! I have a sneaky feeling that being baptised and having lots of strangers in the house will ensure Baby B is on rotten form but hope springs eternal!

A big milestone has been reached, officially my maternity leave finished on Sunday, I am now using up my annual leave (accrued as a full time worker but taken on my new part-time hours giving me even more time at home!) I feel quite sad that its over, I’m no longer a new Mummy. Terrifyingly my area of work doesnt sound like its going well, every summer we hear 2-300 appeals, I get accomodation and independant appeal panels provisionally booked in January so that when I recieve the appeals in March I just have to slot them in, my manager plans to get this sorted out in March, he’s going to struggle and I’ll be back at work just in time to enjoy the chaos.


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  1. Eliora

    You write very well.

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