Proper risotto.

I for some strange reason followed a recipe in a baby cook book. This was strange for me as I am cooked out. On Sunday night after baby B went to bed I made and froze apricrap (blitzed apricots so they are roughly chopped) and some full fat cheese sauce. Yesterday I made my own chicken stock – no salt (in addition to making lasagne for me and Baby B’s daddy). This morning I was removing as much fat as I could from the stock and pouring it into empty water bottles to freeze in half pint portions. I like cooking but this is too much even by my standards.

I must confess I have never made true risotto – my faux risotto (good enough for Daddy and me) is to plonk the veg, meat and rice into a pan with the liquid in one go and leave it to cook and reduce. I had planned to make baby B risotto today without reading the recipe or pondering the reality of cooking with a very clingy baby.

After a lunch of left over risotto and a short nap Baby B and I played together for a little bit, him screaming whenever I put him on the floor, terrified that I would leave him (which I normally did to get water, tidy up his lunch mess etc….). I took him into the kitchen and popped him in his slo go and set to making risotto. I cheated slightly as I couldnt be bothered to finely chop and steam vegetables so I took one of the steam in the microwave from frozen veggie bags from the freezer (Baby B’s Daddy and I find them a bit too bland and spooky so they’re Baby B’s veg now!) while I cooked them I got started on the rice.

OMG! I coated them with butter and oil and slowly added stock and water little glug by glug. Eventually when I deemed it wet enough I was supposed to stand at the stove stirring continuously for 20 minutes. After 5 minutes of not being cuddled in his slo-go Baby B was going ape. I tried putting him in his bouncy cradle and eventually pacified him by talking to him constantly while he experimented with a balloon whisk and wooden spoon, I also needed to unload the dishwasher and restack it (all this home cooking is heavy work for the dishwasher!), wipe down his tray etc.. so I compromised by pouring in more stock and stirring when I felt like it! Honestly already this was more work that I would do for a risotto before I had a child to care for!

At the end I decided the carrots, beans etc.. were too big so I blitzed them in the whizzer (I love my multi-quick – it can cut things up so small!) for a second before chucking into the rice and then adding parmesan (I actually put fresh parmesan shavings into a babys lovingly prepared risotto!) I spooned a little into a dish for Baby B and then cuddled him while it cooled and he calmed down. When I put him back in the highchair he went nuts again. I managed to spoon a little of the risotto in before giving it up as a lost cause and offering a breadstick instead.

All that hard work, making a proper risotto and did Baby B appreciate it – no!

I thought that now he was starting to take food off a spoon it would mean he ate more but if anything it seems like the opposite. I am not going to make anymore special baby menus for a while. Tommorrow he will have roasted or steamed veg sticks and be greatful for it!


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