Poor baby B has been a bit constipated this weekend. Understandably he hasnt wanted to eat much (wouldnt fancy eating if I had a tummy ache either!) which has made things difficult. He also decided to start being stubborn about drinking water. On Sunday after he had miserably chomped on a dried apricot I decided to whizz some dried apricots in the blender to make a chunky spoonable dried apricot thing.

I explained to his Daddy that this would help Baby B go, and as I spooned the apricots into his mouth (he quite liked having it all chopped up, he still needed to chew but it was a bit easier for him in his delicate state!) Daddy renamed my creation ‘Apri-crap (TM) for babies who need to crap’. This combined with sips of orange juice in water (he seemed willing to drink that!) has resulted in one un-constipated baby – horray!

We popped to Asda in Milton Keynes to get the weekly shopping and I picked up a (shocked gasp) Annabel Karmel book. No – not the 1000 puree’s one (how can you need help working out how to make a puree?!) its a baby and toddler meal book and some of the meals would be nice for Baby B.

We are carrying on with Baby Led Weaning as it has got him off to a brilliant start – he chews food very nicely but I found yesterday that sometimes he prefers to eat off a spoon, other times he wants to hold the food. I figure that as long as I keep giving him finger foods he’ll carry on developing a good strong mouth, I’m definately not pureeing food for him (other than the apri-crap which I have frozen in an ice-cube tray ready for emergencies or for plonking in his weetabix, and that was far too roughly chopped for a traditionally weaned baby). We’re kind of going for a mixed feeding routine.

As the massive pasta shape failed to impress last time today I am making tiny pasta shapes (they came with a soup mix) in a creamy cheesy sauce with mushrooms for lunch and we have a pud! Stewed apples and pears (nice big chunks) which I’ll top with crumbled digestives and may even serve with custard. Tea is likely to be bread based, maybe gypsy toast (which he loved last time) or maybe not, I havent thought quite that far ahead yet!

Nightime is becoming hard again, Baby B likes to roll over onto his tummy, gets stuck at the side of the cot and cries for me to come and put him onto his back – as soon as I get him sleeping through something always crops up! Despite the bad sleeping I am feeling quite smug because I’m using my slow cooker again today to make a beef casserole (no prizes for guessing what Baby B’s lunch will be tommorrow) .

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