Upset tummy

Oh dear – after a fairly good day yesterday (lunch of fishfingers and brocoli) baby B has got a tummy ache. He was constipated yesterday (altho at least things were still moving) and hasn’t gone to the loo today. To make matters harder for himself (no pun intended) he has decided he doesnt want to drink water…. nevermind.

Other than obsessing about my babies movements I have been on a walk today with his Daddy (we’re planning to walk the entire Grand Union Canal – this will stop when I get bored or injured, which ever comes first). Having walked 5 miles in 2 hours I am expecting to ache tommorrow!

Baby B had a nice morning at his Nanny and Grandad’s house, went to Milton Keynes with them to get a blackberry for grandad and had a bit of panini for his lunch. Apparently my Mum and Dad took some of the cheese and mushrooms out of the panini and when they had cooled down gave them to baby B. He shoved the slices of mushroom into his mouth gave a couple of chomps and sucks before swallowing them. I’ve been doing mushrooms all wrong, he likes them sliced, roasted and then put in a panini with emmental cheese – obviously all babies eat mushrooms like that and I should have known!



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2 responses to “Upset tummy

  1. CH

    There’s no way to opt out of the Grand Union Canal Challenge i’m afraid. Participation is mandatory. You’ll just have to hop along injured or not injured. In any case, you broke your ankle a few years back and managed to walk to work the next day so no injury will be accepted i’m afraid. Sorry.

  2. Bottle feeding Mummy

    Come on…. I’m accident prone – in the 7 years since we moved in together I have slipped on ice and broken / dislocated a bone (yes I walked on it but I was crazy and desperately needed the commission from the meetings I had set up that day!)and slipped on a damp floor fracturing my metatarsal. Just be prepared for another foot injury.

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