Ups and Downs

We’ve had a weird few days. Saturday was little sis’s birthday lunch at La Tasca and Baby B was in a foul mood, I was tempted to stay at home as he hadn’t slept well at all the night before and was crying most of the afternoon. He carried on being grumpy throught dinner and after a choking incident (chicken croquettes are soft gooey chicken inside a hard crispy crumb layer, stupidly I gave him one without wondering what he’d do with chicken squirting in his mouth) and a constipated nappy we decided to skip solids for tea and I spent most of the meal with him on my lap or sitting with his Nanny and Grandad.

Miraculously that night he slept through to 5.30! He has carried on sleeping through to 5.30 – 6.00 which is great! He has been eating a bit better for the last few days again!

Today for example was our normal breakfast (weetabix mushed up with warm formula) which he loves at the moment (I do vary it sometimes, with dried apricots and toast also being a nice brekkie). Lunch was gypsy toast cut into soldiers (yum yum – sadly I had to make 2 slices to avoid wasting half an egg so I had to eat some as well!) followed by a whole pot of fromage frais (every burp that afternoon smelt of strawberries!). Tea (always the most fraught meal of the day) was mango cut into fingers, it was too slippery for Baby B to manage in his grumpy state so I helped him to hold it, and a breadstick.

He’s being funny about water at the momment, he prefers to have the baby sippy lid taken off so that he can drink directly from the cup, this seems to soak him, but he prefers it that way.

This afternoon I got quite sad, so far Baby B has only been able to roll in one direction onto his tummy and the other onto his back, today he carried rolling and was able to roll a few times in the same direction – he’s now able to move around the room (although I expect he’ll forget about this new skill a few times before it gets embedded). He has also started to try to crawl! He puts his head down on the floor and pulls his knees up to his chest before straightening out and pushing forward. I feel quite sad to be losing my little baby, he is growing up so fast!


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