Baby B didn’t sleep well last night, he woke up screaming in pain at 11 – I waited for 15 minutes but it was obvious he couldnt settle down so I gave him some calpol and a nice big bottle of milk. He then slept til 5.30, had a small bottle of milk and got up properly at 7.30 (you would never guess that just a few weeks ago I got him sleeping through again would you!).

Breakfast was scrambled eggs and toast which he shared with his Daddy. His poor Daddy got paranoid as every time Baby B made a mess with his eggs (grabbing the spoon and smearing it over his cheeks and so on) he would look at me and say Dada Dadada, poor Daddy kept protesting that it wasnt him making the mess! Little Sis was down for the weekend and she came over with my Mum and played on the floor with Baby B for a bit.

My Mum had given me some leftover casserole that she made last night for Baby B. He loved sucking and chomping on the meat and altho he spat the big pieces out he swallowed the smaller bits and loved having the gravy and pearl barley spooned into his mouth. His Daddy got home just after Baby B had gone for a nap and polished off the leftovers while I napped as well.

We were out this afternoon so Baby B didnt have much tea, he tried a chip or tow at Nando’s but without his highchair tray and the splash mat he discovered that Mummy wouldnt pick up food he threw on the floor, he had his milk instead.

All in all a fairly normal day so far. When we got home I ran through the normal bedtime routine of brushing his two teeth, having a story and a bath. Baby B was more energetic than normal – splashing so much that the rubber duck got thrown overboard and so I wasnt too suprised when I felt water dripping onto my arm, but I was a little confused, if he’d splashed so hard and high surely my legs and waist would be wet – Daddy pointed out that Baby B had actually wee’d while lying down sending a fountain of pee into the air (and my hair) before it dropped onto my arm! Charming.


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