Better Day!

Baby B woke at 3.30 but went back to sleep quickly and then kindly let me sleep until 7. Last night I was flicking thru a baby food book that was given to us and it said that at 6-9 months children should be eating 1-4 tablespoons of food at each meal, that reassured me as Baby B can happily devour half a pot of fromage frais which must be 2-3 tablespoons, so I decided to stop worrying so much about how much he ate. As soon I made that decision he decided to have a good day.

Breakfast was weetabix with warm formula and it was much more popular than normal. Maybe becuase the milk was warmer than it would have been if he was drinking it and it was all mixed up. I wondered if I might have to go onto puree’s but consoled myself that he was eating cereal with one heck of a lot more texture than the sloppy stage 2 cereal. I was impressed with how much he ate and astonished when he drained his bottle after a fairly big breakfast. We got washed and played for abit before having a nice morning nap, which allowed me time to chisel the concretey dried weetabix off his bib and tray.

Lunch was even better. I had made a vegetable curry last night (before you get disapproving it was homemade and the sauce was just tomato’s, water and spices – no salt or grease) Before I heated his bit up I sprayed some spray oil in to make the sauce and spoonful of rice a bit fattier for him. I picked veggies out and offered them to him but he preferred me to hold them. He liked the carrot chunk and used his teeth and gums to get quite a bit of that off, the potato was too solf and broke in my fingers, the baby sweetcorn was hilarious (he used his tiny teeth to scrape the baby kernels off into his mouth) and the brocoli was his big favourite. It was sucked and chomped. He also let me spoon in some rice and sauce.

When I thought he had finished I went to the kitchen to get some hoummus to eat with a bread stick, while I faffed around in the kitchen he started picking the food up off his tray and eating it. The little monkey had convinced me that he might be able to hold some food but only if I placed it in his hand. He went for the brocoli again and again, screaming with frustration when it pieces of brocoli dropped onto his lap under the tray. See the video for a demonstration of a little boy who loves his greens!

He had some breadstick dipped in hoummus which he liked (see that counts as protein for lunch!) but not as much as the brocoli. He then had another full bottle and a good 2 hour nap. I decided to put a muslim cloth in with him and that seemed to help him settle back down – I dont understand the attraction but it worked for his daytime naps so I’m trying it tonight as well!

We walked to Tesco’s and he only grumbled a little bit at being put in his snowsuit, normally he goes nuts.

For tea he had a finger of cheese on toast and a spoonful of baked beans. He had a better go at the toast than he used to, chomping and sucking it and he seemed to like baked beans (more protein). To start with he choked on a few so I took to smashing them into half with his spoon (I know it isnt in the spirit of BLW but its a lot better than the sloppy stage two food!). We were jsut starting on our fromage frais (even more protein) when he didnt want to eat and decided to go to the toilet so tea was called short – well would you eat while on toilet?

A much happier day for all of us today. I’m hoping he stays like this until his aunties birthday meal on Saturday, we’re off to La Tasca for a tapa’s lunch!


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