Still a bit of a tinker

Baby B hasnt picked up much. His cheeks keep going red so I think another tooth is trying to get out. His temperature is nearly all gone but he is very fractious, flies into a rage of there isnt someone on hand at all times to give him attention (no, Mummy cant go to the toilet, get a glass of water etc..) and is struggling to eat still. Breakfast was cow and gate baby cereal with blueberries and apples, I expected a stage two food to be cereal with whole blueberries and small apple chunks, not powdered fruit but hey ho. He didnt like it and hardly ate any. I gave him some toast which fared slightly better, I dont know how much was swallowed but he enjoyed chomping it and wiping his face with it.

He had a little nap around 10.00 and then my Mum picked us up. We spent a nice-ish day with Nanny and Grandad. Baby B sat up to play with his animal train for a little rolled over a few times and managed to kick the dog several times. Lunch was a failiure. Left over bolognaise (I thought that I could spoon it in, it would be easier for him that trying to feed himself and would give him a break while he feels poorly). He didnt want it, in the end I dipped his breadstick in it occasionally and reckon about 2 spoons worth of bolognaise was swallowed. He liked his breadstick tho, and Mums dog loved his lunch of garlicky bolognaise and soggy bits of breadstick over dog biscuits.

He didnt want his milk either – spitting the bottle out and sticking his tongue out to make sure I couldnt sneak it into his mouth. He refused to nap after his bottle, screaming when he was put down in the cot and not wanting to sleep in my arms. So he played some more until teatime when I decided again not to bother with solids but to go straight to the milk, at least this time he finish the bottle, falling asleep halfway thru. When I sat him up to burp his eyes shot open and he refused to go back to sleep. More playing of peekaboo with a muslim cloth, until Daddy cam eot get us and then straight to bed half an hour early as he was sooo tired. I am also very tired after a couple of nights broken sleep and a very grumpy baby.

I hate baby teeth.


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