Poorly Baby

Baby B has not had a good day. Last night he woke just after midnight, I waited for him to self sooth (like he normally does) when that didnt work I gave him a half bottle of milk, put him back down and went back to bed. After getting up and cuddling him several times he eventually went to sleep around 2am.

He has been in a terrible mood all day. His weetabix went down a bit better than the previous attempts (I think he’s getting used to it now!) and he had a raspberry the day went down hill from there. Lots of screaming and writhing around. During the night he had only done a small poo so I thought he might be constipated and that his teeth might be giving him some gyp as well. Lunch was an exciting new mummy recipe. I was going to make baby carbonara (big pasta shapes, soft cheese and bacon) but felt compelled to add vegetables so it became creamy bacon and spinach pasta.

My Mum popped in around lunchtime and we watched as he managed to hold the huge pasta shapes and suck the sauce off, ignoring the pasta after a few experimental chomps. Lunch was cut short by a tantrum so he had a couple of raspberries on his nannies lap and a bottle of milk. He was still obviously really upset by something and his face was feeling warm, so I gave him some calpol (the one thing he loves to take from a spoon, its a two person job tho – if someone doesnt hold his arms to his side he gets too helpful and the calpol goes everywhere!) and decided against taking him upstairs to nap and let him cuddle up to me on the sofa for a nice Mummy and Baby cuddly nap.

I skipped solids at tea, if he is unwell he’ll probably find it easier to digest milk than food and if he is just having a grumpy day then there is little to be gained annoying him with the highchair. I dont understand, I thought that once the tooth emerged the pain pretty much stopped, but he is still suffering and grabbing his ears. If he doesnt look better tommorrow I’ll see if I can get an appintment with one of the nice GP’s at the surgery (I hate feeling like an overprotective paranoid mummy).

On the good side, last night I made homemade meatballs and froze them in little tubs with some sauce for future meals. Its a nigella recipe which I tinkered with to make it OK for the core plan (diet is going well, I’ve lost 51/2 lb over the first two weeks!).

500g lean minced beef
5 tablespoons polenta (cornmeal)
2 garlic cloves, crushed or whizzed in the blender
1 egg

Mix ingrediants together in a big bowl with hands, shape into little meatball shapes (I put these on a cling film covered baking tray when they were shaped), grill for about 6-7 minutes each side (cut the biggest one in half to test). Voila! Homemade meatballs with no bread or additives!


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