Another day and Baby B is getting more grown up. He was playing silly beggars today and pretending he couldnt sit up but he managed to flip himself onto his tummy a couple of times today (still trapping his arm under his body). Food wise we had scrambled egg for breakfast (ate about 2 mouthfuls, but its a start) followed by breadstick and a petit filous. Lunch was a hummous covered rice cake (very messy but he loved sucking the hummous off, smearing it over his face, hands and my arms) and a couple of raspberries – all in all a very messy meal so a good one according to him!

Tea was just 1/2 a banana which he loved. I was amazed to see how little banana was left after 10 minutes and how little had been spilled down his front. I’ve carried on giving him his bottles after meal times and although he isnt feeding as well as he did earlier this week I’m happy that he is eating and trying new tastes and textures.

Bathtime was a disaster. To avoid soaking the nursery carpet we normally put a shower curtain down to catch the splashes. Last night Baby B splashed so much that the water went beyond the shower curtain soaking the carpet. Tonight I had one of my inspired momments, lets put the baby bath in our bath. It was a logistical nightmare (anything new with a small child is!) forgetting towels, nappies, oilatum etc.. the worst bit was kneeling on a damp bathroom floor – how did Daddy get it wet when the baby bath didn’t have to come out of the big bath? – hunched over a bath edge holding a baby. Not nice. Daddy took over after a few minutes and we both agreed that we couldnt hold him securely and that our backs couldnt take it. We’re approaching 30 (well some of us are approaching it faster than others ha ha!) and decided to sacrifice the carpet while we think of another brain wave for washing him!

Back in the nursery Baby B wee’d over his only baby towel (we managed to lose one over Christmas) so Daddy got one of ours, once he was dried off I started E45ing him while Daddy took the wee covered towel down to the washing machine. Baby B had other ideas and flipped over onto his tummy, extracted his arm, lay on his tummy and flipped back. Wow – well done Baby B I thought. Until he practiced this new skill repeatedly while I tried to put cream on his face and his bady and sleep suit on!

He gets excited about new skills (he blew raspberries solidly for about a month) so I think we’ll have some more of this. He cant roll over to get across the room as he rolls in one direction from his back to his tummy (anti-clockwise) and the opposite way from his tummy to his back (clockwise), but combining rolling with spinning on the spot and scooting around on his back could make him a lot more mobile.

I’m slightly paranoid about sleeping now – what if he rolls onto his tummy in the night. I reassured myself that all babies reach this milestone and if it was a problem some marketing guru would have inventing baby restraints for a safer bedtime. In the past if he’s cried at night and I’ve known he’s clean and not starving I’ve left him, as I know he’s safe (he cant get anywhere and wears a gro-bag). Now he can roll onto his tummy I’m going to be a lot more paranoid!


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