Two teeth!

Our big news is that while we were at Milton Keynes (yes I know I go there every weekend, but so does everyone around here – it’s got an irresistable draw to it!) I was rubbing teetha onto Baby B’s gum and as he opened his mouth wide, I noticed a second little white line on the top of gum. He has his two front teeth – hooray!!

Teething seems to be putting him off feeding. Yesterday I had trouble getting him to eat off a spoon, eat finger food or drink milk. I offered him weetabix and formula for breakfast – not interested, roast parsnip and sweet potato fingers for lunch – not interested even when I offered a yummy breadstick.

I went to the Baby Clinic and the health visitor (they’re pro Baby Led Weaning around here) said it was fine to be giving him spoon food as well, as he didnt want to miss out on textures and tastes of other things like yoghurts. He now weighs 16lb.

In the afternoon I went to my Mum and Dads, my uncle was there and I was keen to show them how well Baby B ate. I know that although my Mum tries not to interfere, nobody in my family can understand why the pots of heinz and cow & gate, that me, my cousin and little sis were reared on, is not good enough for Baby B. No pressure then. I had a lovely spread for Baby B, roast parsnip and sweet potato sticks (I didnt want them to go to waste!), a mango finger and I was prepared to grab an oatcake if he seemed really hungry. He nibbled his food but was pretty uninterested and found playing with his bib to be a better use of his time. Everyone must have thought I starved the poor baby!

After my uncle had gone we tried a bottle of milk – he started off badly, pulling the bottle out of his mouth (which is what he had done all day!) but eventually he settled down and fed well, my Mum reckoned that he was trying to get used to the new feeling of having a tooth and bottle / piece of food in his mouth.

After his bottle my Mum decided to eat a banana and offered some to Baby B. Given his previous performance I was sceptical – last few times he had banana we had cut it in half longways to make it easier to get in his mouth. The little porker sat on her lap cramming the banana in, he ate half a large banana without much waste at all. He can obviously open his mouth wide and eat if a piece of sweet fruit is on offer. Eventually I stopped his fun as I didn’t want his tummy to be full of banana and little else, I couldnt remember if banana was known for causing tummy ache but with little other food in his system I thought it would be uncomfortable. My Dad filmed the great event on his new camera, but everytime he tried to get a photo Baby B stopped eating and looked up at him – posing for the camera already!

Today we had another hard day, breakfast was weetabix and fromage frais with Daddy, his Daddy described Baby B’s reaction to weetabix as ‘he pulled a Churchill face at it’. Apparently even his beloved fromage frais wasnt wanted. Lunch was bread sticks with hummous, he loved the hummous and sucked it off before eating a bit of breadstick. I nuked the mango finger in the microwave to make it softer and easier to eat, but other than sucking it Baby B wasn’t willing to eat it.

Evil Mummy skipped his tea as we went out to Milton Keynes when Daddy got back from his squash match (its taken very seriously, last week the leisure centre physio thought my cousin had fractured his elbow after hurtling into the wall to get a shot), we wandered around and eventually ended up in Pizza Hut. The highchair was too big for a tired Baby B who kept slumping to the sides in it and wriggling his arms out of the straps. I offered him a crust of pizza, sucked and discarded over the edge of the chair, the same treatment happened to the green pepper slices I offered. We got home too late to have a tea so he just drank some water and played happily before bedtime.

I’m sure that when he is feeling up to it he’ll pick up where he left off, he seems to have a habit of getting good at something (like rolling over) and then getting distracted for a while.

Oh – he rolled onto his tummy today – I was in the kitchen getting a snack and could hear him grunting and grumbling but dismissed it as being an out of reach toy – I went in and found he had got onto his tummy but had trapped his arm under his body, so he couldnt push himself up to flip over to his back! Cruel Mummy leaving the poor mite!


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