Hurrah for Baby B!!

Houston, we have lift off! This morning while applying teetha to Baby B’s sore little gums I discovered a new thing – his very first tooth! After months of pushing up the two canines are still buried under his gums, in the last week a small lump appeared at the front and his first incisor has emerged. Now to be fair it is tiny, you cant see it when he grins or anything exciting (yet!) but it is definately there and it is very sharp.

We are trying to have a different feeding routine today, instead of spacing out bottles and solids throughout the day I am giving him 3 meals, each meal followed by a bottle (and his bedtime bottle of course!). Breakfast was the good old favourite of fromage frais and breadstick.

Lunch was more adventurous. I had put aside a meatball from last nights dinner with a few pieces of pasta and some of the garlicy tomato sauce. I quickly zapped this in the microwave to take the chill off. I was unsure of how he would do as he was shattered (up for a bottle at 6am, back to sleep til 7.30 and dragged around Tesco’s by evil Mummy and Nanny). I cut the meatball into quarters and helped him hold it – he loved it. First he sucked off the sauce (there was a lot of garlic so I had thought it might be too strong for him) then he used his new tooth and strong gums to demolish the meatball. Me and my Mum offered him pasta but he shouted at us in annoyance – why eat pasta when there is finally some meat he can eat! It also shows that babies dont have a natural preference for bland food, this sauce packed a punch and he loved it.

I put a little salmon spread onto his rice cake, it wasnt as popular as soft cheese but it wasnt shouted at in disgust.

On our shopping trip I got some treats for Baby B, hummous (my Mum thinks I’m mad and that it will taste to strong for him!), weetabix (I’m going to serve them with warm formula milk and see what he makes of it!), tinned mackerel in oil and tinned mackerel in tomato sauce (I loved mackerel, pilchards and sardines, mashed on toast when I was little and I hope he’ll like them on toast or rice cakes) and a tiny jar of salmon spread (my Mum thought it would be nice on rice cakes).

I had lovingly found some of those kinder snacks that Daddy loves (he’s a big kid at heart, kinder buenos and milkybars still make him happy!). These are little hippo’s filled with milk and hazlenut goo. When I called his office to tell him the good news he seemed a bit cagey and didnt whoop with excitement (maybe he had someone important in the office, or maybe he’s grown up and no longer eats childrens sweets – who knows?).

I wasnt a huge fan of the meatballs – too much fat and only 70% meat. My Mum reckons I should be able to make meatballs, lean minced meat with some egg yolk to bind and breadcrumbs to help it hold (I might substitute polenta for a core plan friendly version). Trouble is I’m OK at cooking most things, unless I have to shape things with my hands. My potato cakes (essential recipe if you marry and irish man) fall to pieces in the pan, when I make soda break more is stuck to my palms that the round, dumplings are largely stuck to my hands and odd shapes and sizes so I am dubious about making meatballs but willing bravely go once more into the hand shaping breach dear friend.

Dinner tonight is veg from my lunch (A tesco’s veg, noodle and sauce box). I got the vegetables from the top where there wasnt any soy sauce and even fished out a nice noodle for Baby B. I’ll proably also offer him some more melon, or if I eat all that there is a nice pack of fruit fingers in the fridge for us to eat.

The tomato sauce was a big hit with Daddy and Baby B and had no added salt (not even a stock cube!) so here’s the recipe

Garlicy tomato sauce
1 tin tomatos
3 cloves garlic and some basil finely chopped with blade whizzer attachment of blender
1/2 small tub of sundried tomatos finely chopped.
1/2 small tub of mixed olives (painstakingly stoned as Daddy got the ‘nice’ ones from Tescos)
1 onion
some mushrooms.

Wipe mushrooms clean, Halve and finely slice onion. Pot in saucepan to start sauteeing and cooking down with a spray of oil. Add garlic and basil, sundried tomatos and olives. Stir around. Add tin of tomato’s, reduce down for a bit and serve with anything that needs a tomato sauce.

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