Phew – a tough day

Baby B is teething badly (either that or he has the worst case of male infant PMT in the history of time!), for the last couple of days he has been in a lot of pain, if you pick him up he cries, if you put him down he goes stiff as bored with pain and cries – you get the picture. Happy momments are being treated as very precious at the momment and I am hoping that his first tooth cuts through tonight as I want to cry after a day of seeing him in so much pain. Even the lovely teetha powder isn’t much cop – he doesnt want my fingers in his mouth much as his little gums are so sore.

He slept really well last night (bed at 6.30, up at 6.30 – pretty impressed!) and has had 3 shortish naps today – one at 8.30 – 9.30, 12 – 1.15, 3.45 – 4pm. I liked it better when we used to have a 2 hour lunchtime nap but he knows what his body needs and its not for me to interfere.

He started off eating well today. For breakfast we tried toast – I had burnt it slightly and he screamed when he tasted it! After the toast failiure we had fromage frais. After a walk this morning we had a little snack of ricecake topped with cream cheese. I cut it into fingers and he loved it, to start with he sucked the cheese off the top but when he realised that the cardboard tasting ricecake was edible he ate that as well! He then had a slice off a melon chunk. It was too small for him to hold, so I held to his mouth as he crushed and sucked it happily. Fab, not even lunchtime and I had found 2 new favourites. He had a bottle and a nap.

When he got up I tried putting him into the highchair for lunch (yesterday pasta, smoked mackerel and cheesey ricecake), he screamed instantly. We perserved. I offered smoked mackerel, he tasted it screamed and dropped it (probably too salty), we tried pasta, he stuck it to his palm and then dropped it, even ricecake and soft cheese was not wanted. I tried him again a bit later. He ate some rice cake but rather grudgingly and he had made it clear that he didnt want to wear his bib or have the tray on the high chair!

Even though the lunch hadnt worked I was proud of myself, a whole day without breadsticks! As he liked the topped ricecake I’m going to start offering other things on it, like hummous as I am worried that not eating meat or fish is giving him an unbalenced diet – but maybe the milke provides enough protein – I’m too tired and confused to know what I think now! Hope everyone elses little ones had a good day.



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2 responses to “Phew – a tough day

  1. NicksMom

    I so understand where you are coming from. I just went through it. Have you heard of Poi from Hawaii? You can buy dried poi over the internet, mix it with water and it becomes this paste/baby food consistency. Babies love it! Mine did. It’s not too strong (actually almost no taste) but it’s full of Vitamin B, Iron etc.. Babies in Hawaii grow up on it. Check out:
    or go to (go to the bottom of the About Us Page. They have info on it). Good luck!

  2. Bottle feeding Mummy

    Hmm sounds yummy.. I’ll check that out, thanks very much for the tip! Does anyone else have any ideas for getting protein into their babies, my Mum keeps suggesting a tin of baby food, put I really dont want to do that!

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