First real recipe

Today I was brave – so far I’d given Baby B single bits of food, roast carrot, roast parsnip, cheese etc.. nothing that I wouldnt eat but nothing that would be considered a meal. Today was our usual breakfast, fromage fraise (applied liberally to face, neck, chest and bib) followed by his beloved bread stick (he still finds toast hard to eat but boy he can chomp on a breadstick) and a strawberry.

For lunch I decided to cook some pasta and see how he got on with it. I quartered a couple of cherry tomato’s and stired them in and then decided to add some dried basil and cheese. I hoped to see some red leicester in the fridge but it had gone in a pre-diet purge so I stired in a little phillie (low fat – naughty mummy) and then decided to try grating a babybel. It grated easily but when it was stirred into the still warm pasta it became a scary gloopy mass. I fished most of it out and then after Baby B’s nap we tried some pasta.

He demolished the first piece of pasta, sucking the slimy looking cheesy sauce of it. The second piece of pasta was looked at and rejected (for some reason he refused to eat the green pasta shapes – strange boy). He enjoyed it, but as it was all cut a bit to small I ended up holding the pasta pieces and tomato pieces to his mouth as he chomped. There was plenty left over for tommorrows lunch and we finished his lunch with another breadstick.

I’ve decided to cook meatballs and pasta tommorrow for our dinner (it would have been something else but when Daddy went shopping he got more olives and sundried tomatos than I could use in one meal!) so I might try to buy some of the super sized pasta for Baby B and then on Thursday his lunch can be left over meatball in homemade tomato sauce and a giant pasta piece. I think he’ll be able to eat a meatball as the minced meat should break up easier in his mouth than a slice of roast beef/ chicken.

Also – breaking news Baby B made a break through today. Around Christmas he got bored of sitting up and starting bracing his legs everytime I tried to put him down or if I did get him sitting he lauched himself backwards and grinned at me as if to say – ha ha I won. I was a bit down as he had been getting better and better and sitting up and I thought that when he got interested again we’d start from scratch – wrong! Today he sat up and played for 5-10 minute stretches. I have to put toys in front of him that he cant lie down and play with easily to keep him interested but we had a great time playing with the musical animal train and the baby walker. Life is getting very interesting now!

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