Hello Halloumi

We had an odd day foodwise yesterday. Breakfast was the usual fromage frais but this time I followed it with a few shredded wheat bitesize, which Baby B seemed to enjoy. I had set aside a few small potato wedges for Baby B from Friday nights dinner, which Daddy threw away, so I went to help clear my grandads house with a few strawberries and a babybel. The strawberries were very hard and tart so Baby B just ate the red bit (reluctantly at that!).

Daddy picked us up with my little sis and took us to Nando’s. I ordered a salad with a side of chips (my diet is a non starter this week, everyone is comfort eating and I have decided to go with it!) and halloumi cheese. When the food came I put Baby B back into his car seat which annoyed him a lot. I thought food might distract him but was at a loss as to what to give him; spicy chicken wasn’t an option as he doesnt seem interested in meat, salad veg didnt tend to go down well either and the chips were covered in peri-peri seasoning which was quite salty. The only thing left to do was to cut off a slice of halloumi for him.

When I retrieved the slobbery cheese 5 minutes later he’d ate quite a lot, about 1/3rd of the piece had disappeared and there was very little cheese on the floor or car seat. I felt quite proud of my baby son chomping on halloumi in a restuarant, when he got bored of eating he demanded that I let him out of the car seat and he spent the rest of the meal standing on my lap, bouncing around and staring at people and plants contentedly.

We’re having a big family lunch today at my Mum and Dad’s so I’ll see what I can scavenge from the roast to give Baby B for lunch.

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