Way to go Baby B!

Woo hoo! As soon as I start complaining about Baby B not baby led weaning as well as I hoped he would things change.

1. I realised from reading other blogs that spitting the big chunks out is normal (he doesnt want to choke – the little chunks go down OK)
2. He is eating more and definately enjoying it
3. Stinky dark speckled nappies every day.

He is still very fond of his bag faves (roasted carrot, roasted parsnip and sweet things like strawberries) but is trying other food. He also holds carrots and parsnips without help now, and starts off holding strawberries, I take over when they become to slippery and frustrating for him. Over this week he has also tried scrambled eggs for breakfast – not a big sucess, I didnt realised that 1 egg would cook so quickly and overcooked the unseasoned egg, lentil and bacon soup (he wasnt keen but his Daddy was!) roast pepper and roast mushroom (again not very interested but he might develop a taste for them). He is now getting through about half a pot of framage frais at breakfast time and then having a little lunch after his lunchtime nap (milk before the nap, solids after).

He isnt keen on meat at all but I think this will come later as his teeth and tummy develop.

He is also sleeping better. He very quickly got the idea that night time was not a good time to feed and is now sleeping from about 6.30-7pm thru to 6 – 6.30am. I give him a small bottle (120ml) when he wakes and then he goes back to sleep until about 8 – pretty good routine for all of us!

We had another nursery visit today (the nursery I enrolled him at has aquired a new site where they are focussing on the under 3’s). Baby B had a cuddle with one of the nursery nurses while the manager took me to the building site to imagine how the older childrens rooms will look in March when they are finished. They are happy to try baby led weaning and said that as a precaution they’ll order a soft lunch for him as well as steamed veg etc.. so that he wont get hungry. I’m happy to go with this but hope that by March when we start nursery he’ll be eating well. Its a great nursery, the new site will phone the chef at the main house every morning with their orders for the day and the food will be driven down (no Heinz pots here!)

We’re off to my grandad’s funeral tommorrow so I’ve got to roast some carrots tonight to pack for Baby B (or I might be lazy and just take some strawberrys – they’re very tart, but at this time of year Baby B shouldnt be picky!)


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