Evil mother and bad baby led weaning.

Shades of Claire Verity (of Bringing up Baby fame) are creeping in I’m afraid. I read a book on baby sleep problems (its not as bad as it sounds, it points out that a sleep problem is only a problem if you think it is – i.e. what one person thinks is a problem is fine for another family) and before I can consider starting to encourage baby B to self settle and sleep thru I need to cut the night feeds.

Now before you condemn me as a cruel evil 1950’s style Mum lets remember that Baby B is over 6 months now and has been capable to filling his tummy up enough to sleep thru the night when he was a younger baby. I think that I was wrong to introduce a scheduled late night feed in the first place. I am cutting the size of the bottles I give him at night, and instead of waking him to feed at 11 I am waiting for him to wake up. The first night we tried this I cut his badtime bottle size to 6oz, he woke at 3, was fed and slept thru til 7.30, last night I cut the bedtime bottle size to 5oz and he woke at 2.30, was fed and again slept thru to 7.30. I’ve increased the size of his daytime bottles to 8oz. Now I know that this sounds like Claire Verity’s method of getting newborns to sleep thru the night but here’s the main differences.

1. I never force feed Baby B. The bottle is bigger, if he wants more he can have it, if he doesn’t then thats fine.

2. I dont have a schedule for feeding. We feed at pretty much the same times every day (early morning feed, 9am ish, 12ish, 3-4 ish, bedtime) but this is a routine that Baby B has set and it changes with every grwoth spurt and varies day to day according to what he wants.

3. I would not consider cutting the size of his mid afternoon feed to make him take more at night, I believe that sleeping thru the night is mainly habit, if a baby wakes up hungry then its thru habit or because they didnt get enough calories thru the whole day – being a biffer before bed is not an attractive option. Would you sleep better if you starved during the afternoon and gorged at bedtime?

4. Baby B is much older. He’s at an age where medical experts believe most babies can sleep thru – he could do it when he was younger and I hope there is no reason why he cant now.

Baby Led Weaning is hard work. Baby B doesnt seem to eat much at all. Feeling very disheartened. Any advice from people who have done it and suceeded would be greatfully recieved. In fact I have to confess, Daddy took me to TGI Fridays today to cheer me up and help his hangover, the waiter kept asking if we wanted any baby food so I weakened and said yes, I asked for stage 2 – lumpy food but was given a sweet potato and veg puree. Despite it being served off a metal teaspoon – not great on baby gums – Baby B seemed to love it and was sucking it off the spoon, shoving it into his mouth etc.. Maybe my Mum is right and he does want ‘proper’ baby food.

Also looking to the future Daddy has booked a holiday for March, we’re going away for my birthday (again!) to a hotel we stayed at and loved when I was pregnant. Its about 20 minutes away from the beach of Costa Teguise (Lanzarote) and a nice all inclusive hotel so I do hope Baby B is eating better by then – it would be great for a baby led weaning baby – lots of fruit, ice-cream and fresh fish.


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