Being a little tinker

Baby B seems to be having a ‘lets forget things’ period. I know that babies pick up on emotional upsets and turbulent times and that this could well be why he is being a little arkward (over the last 3 weeks we have had a health scare – still waiting for lab results, spent a weekend without Daddy at my parents house, flown to Belfast, met Irish grandparents, flown home, had Christmas day, spent three nights at my parents house and lost my Grandad) but his timing really sucks – I am feeling emotional and really tired without him deciding to play silly buggers.

Rolling over was mastered before we flew to Belfast – it was promptly forgotten and has only just been re-discovered over the last couple of days.

Eating solid food – in Belfast there was plenty of evidence of his eating (did you know strawberry chunks turn black as you digest them?) in his nappy, while he sometimes deigns to put food in his mouth and chew it most of it gets spat out. I give him food but he is lazy and would prefer to have the food held up to his mouth by me (I was told by the health visitor that he was a lazy feeder which is why he couldnt be bothered with breast feeding once he had tried bottle feeding) and seems to spit most things out or just wave them/ break them. Bread sticks are a favourite as they smash up so nicely and make a loud bang.

In desperation today (he’s 6 months now and is supposed to eat) I gave him some of our vegetable curry mashed and mixed with phily, butter and baby rice (I need to loose a stone so my meals are too healthy for him!) for his lunch – he had toast and butter for breakfast (nibbled a corner, licked it a lot) and some satsuma segments (I held them to his mouth while he chomped and sucked – he nearly choked when he sucked it out of my fingers lol).

Sleeping through the night – he used to sleep thru from 6pm to 6am, he got a bit bigger and we intoduced a ‘dream feed’ at 11 and compromised by having another feed at 5am and then sleeping til 7-8am. The last two nights Baby B has decided that he’ll pick at the 11pm feed, leaving lots of milk and then wake up demanding a feed at 2-3am, getting up at 6am and only going back to sleep if allowed to lie down in bed with me (I snooze, he pulls my hair for about 20 minutes before getting bored and going back to sleep). I used to be so proud of our excellent sleep achievements, now I am so tired and down that I find it hard to muster the energy to sort this mess out.

I’ve read one of the parenting books (this is a sleep guide that was given to my Mum by a coleague of hers who has grown up children) an this recommended that I tackle the night feeding before trying to tackle the night waking so I am going to make slightly smaller bottles for the night feeds each night until he is used to not feeding at night and will then talk to the health visitor (if I ever find time to see her!) about tackling the sleep problems (I dont like controlled crying much and it recommends just walking in to check they arent in danger and saying night night at 15 minute intervals – I normally give Baby B 10-15 minutes to self settle and then give him a cuddle / get him up etc…).

On the nicer side it snowed today – I had been really excited when it snowed quicked well one night in November but it melted before Baby B got up so today was the first time he saw real snow. It was only the light powdery stuff but I wrapped him in two blankets and popped him into the sling to go into the garden to watch it come down. He seemed quite interested and happy but he loves being in the sling now.

I know I have to grit my teeth and weather this patch with him but I wish he went thru this stage at a time when I feel able to cope with it. Ah the joys of parenting. Hope everyone has a good 2008.


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